Team: Second Missions

Area: Novigrad

To begin this pursuit you need to talk with Marcus T.K. Hodgson. You will certainly locate him inside his book shop in Novigrad. He"ll inform you concerning guide that somebody left for you a couple of years back.

As soon as, geralt quit by a particular Novigrad publication vendor whose proprietor acknowledged him at. If he ever before obtained the opportunity, he stated somebody had actually left a publication with him a lengthy time ago with directions to offer it to Geralt. This normally stimulated the witcher"s interest. Regretfully, guide supplier did not recognize guide"s specific existing area, just that it had a red cover which Geralt ought to search for it in his heaps of messy tomes as well as manuscripts.

Relevant sights

Marcus T.K. HodgsonVelen/ Novigrad

Mission phases of Message from an Old Pal

1. Locate a publication with a red cover utilizing your Witcher Detects.

Guide you"re trying to find - My Statement of belief - The Life of Jacques de Aldersberg , gets on the 2nd flooring, near the stairways to the 3rd flooring. Take it as well as you"ll discover a letter within, which will immediately enter into your stock.

2. Check out the letter you located folded up inside guide "My Policy."

Review the Letter from "A"

Letter from "A"


In the sea of opportunity, some occasions are most likely, as well as some much less. It is hard to fish out the very first, not also when one"s intelligence extends with perpetuity as well as area.

I left this letter for you in the hope that, regardless of all chances, you will certainly stumble upon it eventually, for I should advise you. The human race is intimidated. The forecasted devastation by the White Frost is not simply the babbling of some crazy she-elf. Maybe I will certainly have the chance to persuade you of this face to face. Otherwise, I should count on this letter, which you will certainly review years from currently, each time when you understand greater than you did when we initially satisfied.

Know that absolutely nothing will certainly conserve the globe other than preparing its whole populace for this disaster. The old stories state a Youngster of the Senior citizen Blood can fend off the risk, however I fell short as well as attempted. Since I have actually been haunted by a horrible vision, a crowned wraith. The specter of my failing.

I was the picked one, as well as the selected one fell short. You and also your league are our only hope. When the moment of the wolf"s snowstorm comes, guys will die as well as just the ubermen will certainly make it through. Your responsibility is to offer the globe ubermen.

Whatever you consider me, do not fall short as I have actually fallen short.


You will certainly obtain some XP, and also 51 crowns.

Geralt located guide as well as, inside it, a letter from a person he had actually when understood. Though he offered no outside indication of it, this loaded him with touching recollections of old times. To now I put on"t recognize that the old good friend was neither what he had actually composed in the letter - which"s an embarassment, for evaluating by Geralt"s habits, therein exists an extremely fascinating story ...