The teen starlet that is the voice behind "Dora the Traveler" purportedly obtained a partner removed from an exclusive secondary school in Chelsea in December after encouraging the more youthful teen to attempt a water vaporizer pipeline in the college washroom.

Nadia Leonelli and also Fredrik Sundwall claim in court documents the teenagers as well as another lady were vaping sugar flavorful water when they were tattled on by an elderly at Opportunities The Globe Institution.

that there were no medications entailed. Not also cigarette. 3 women were vaping on sugar flavorful water and also were ratted out by an elderly.

Nonetheless, just their 14 years of age child, recognized as M.S., was compelled to take out from the college, where tuition covers $40,000 a year. Fatima Ptacek, 15, the voice behind Dora, obtained a 3 day suspension, as well as the 3rd lady was not disciplined whatsoever.

The moms and dads are taking legal action against the celeb-friendly Methods, stating managers were unpredictable and also approximate and also broke their very own plans forcibly their little girl to take out.


Starlet Fatima Ptacek purportedly obtained her close friend gotten rid of after they both smoked a vape in the washroom of their college. (Jason Merritt/Getty Photos)

The moms and dads claimed both their child and also Ptacek-- "bewildered by worry"-- at first rejected the vaping costs when faced on the mid-day of Dec. 10 regarding what took place in the ladies" shower room.

Nonetheless, they stated, their child promptly admitted to them, stating she had actually caught peer stress and also wished to show up "great" to Ptacek "due to the fact that she is older than M.S. and also is a celeb, being the starlet that does the voice of Dora the Traveler on tv and also having actually a flick chosen for the Oscars."

Court documents claim Ptacek did the very same with a composed "admission" where she states she obtained the vape pipeline from a young boy in her quality.

"Initially, we didn"t recognize exactly how to transform it on, however then we figured it out," Ptacek is priced quote as claiming.


"We both trapped from the vaporizer, yet I was a little frightened, so I didn"t breathe in right into my lungs yet maintained it in my mouth," she created.


Fatima Ptacek, that does the voice of "Dora the Traveler," was just put on hold for 3 days after being captured with the vape. (BONNIE OSBORNE)

Court documents claim the institution has actually needed to remove various other trainees because it opened up 4 years ago however those situations entailed physical violence or major substance abuse.