What’s wrong with the strongest bullpen, and Samsung’s winning pitching is faltering again

Samsung had a 4-1 lead at a home game against Kia Tigers at Samsung Lions Park in Daegu on Sunday, but allowed a tie and ended up losing the game 5-9 after going into extra time. The strongest driving force that elevated Samsung to the top tier in the first half has collapsed again.노래방알바

Starter Connor Seabold stopped well with one run in seven innings, but Lim Chang-min was chased 4-3 by Na Sung-bum in the top of the eighth inning when he was leading 4-1.

Lim Chang-min became the first player in the league to hold 20 holds, and is currently atop in holds. However, a hit to right-center off Choi Hyung-woo and a fastball to Na Sung-bum went into the middle and became a home run on the day.

In the top of the ninth inning, closing pitcher Oh Seung-hwan took the mound and failed to keep the one-run gap. He gave up a double to the right-center field to leadoff hitter Han Jun-su, and allowed third base on an infield grounder. After giving up a straight walk to Seo, he was hit by Socrates Brito, who had been silent due to no hit in four consecutive at-bats earlier on the day, at first and third bases with one out, and allowed a 4-4 tie.

Oh is ahead of all league finishes with 24 saves. However, he had come from behind to lose against Suwon KT on June 28 after a walk-off triple following a blon save. He took the mound again after a three-day break, but lost the chance to save again with a tie, marking his fourth blon save of the season.

Samsung added Kim Jae-yoon at the top of the 10th inning, which led to a 4-4 tie. Kim Jae-yoon is ranking second in the hold category after Lim Chang-min with 18 holds. However, he failed to catch only one out count, allowed a come-from-behind 4-5 by getting a timely double from Choi Won-joon, and allowed a two-run homer to Han Jun-su to yield the title, and became the losing pitcher. He seemed to have no strength as his ball speed dropped to the early 140km range.

Samsung has previously removed another must-win pitching team, right-hander Kim Tae-hoon, from the entry. Kim Tae-hoon was diagnosed with a ruptured left internal oblique muscle after a detailed examination after leaving the mound due to side pain while pitching against Suwon KT on June 30. Rehabilitation takes four weeks and can return after August.

He plans to fill Kim Tae-hoon’s spot by joining right-hander Choi Ji-kwang in the must-win pitching group, but he was worried about the bullpen as he finished the first half of the year as three pillars of the bullpen were beaten one after another.

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