What’s the reason for replacing “Goodbye McKinnon”? “I worked really hard. It’s too bad”

Samsung Lions has parted ways with David McKinnon, a foreign hitter. He hit only four homers in 72 games. Considering that he is a foreign hitter, the figure is quite small. The figure, which he paid by using Daegu Samsung Lions Park as his home stadium, is worrisome.스포츠토토

However, Samsung’s general manager Lee Jong-yeol said, “I didn’t replace McKinnon because of home runs.” “Before the season, when we recruited him, we had more eye on his contact capabilities than on home runs. I wanted to be a clutch that manifests itself in important moments. He looked good in the beginning of the season.” In fact, McKinnon had a batting average of 0.369 through early April, as he displayed strong performance. At one point, he became the No. 1 hitter in the league, raising expectations.

McKinnon, however, began to falter from mid-May. The hitters were also directed directly to the fielders, and the bat started to hit the ball hard. Not only long balls but also double plays increased as the hitters failed to make it to the outfield. Manager Park Jin-man and General Manager Lee Jong-yeol also diagnosed that they were in a hurry. “I think I was under a lot of stress watching other team players. I think my strength has collapsed due to my impatience,” Lee said.

It must have been frustrating for him. According to Lee Jong-yeol, McKinnon sweated a lot to recover from his slump. “He practiced a lot. I received reports that he was enthusiastic about batting even by reducing weight training,” Lee said. “That gave McKinnon more time. I thought hard-working players should have more chances.”

Of course, risks also followed. “It is not easy for a fielder to adapt to the new league faster than a pitcher. We have 59 more games to play, and if we resolve the visa issue after arriving in Korea, we will play around 50 games, but we don’t have much time for batters to adapt,” said Lee Jong-yeol.

However, the club was already preparing to replace the coach. Just in case. “We have a team coordinator stationed in the U.S., and we recently dispatched another team to make the list,” Lee said. “We have gradually reduced the number of candidates from six to three.” Lee Jong-yeol also sought a substitute when he boarded a flight to the U.S. in June. He waited a little longer for McKinnon, but as the situation did not improve, he could not afford to wait any longer. Finally, he made the substitution.

The new foreign hitter is not the kind of player that was chosen based solely on home runs. “He is a batter with good contact ability, and he is a medium and long-range hitter rather than a home run hitter. I didn’t choose home runs as the main focus, but the fact that he is a batter who can hit home runs will be a great boost to our team,” Lee Jong-yeol said, explaining the merits of the new foreign hitter.

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