What’s the radio story on the super-sized electronic display board?SSG Landersfield Smelling Human

Chung Yeong-hoon (25, living in Cheongna) took out his phone to scan the large QR code displayed on the electronic display board at the Incheon SSG Landers Field ahead of the match between SSG and KIA on the 12th. When Chung scanned the QR code through the mobile phone camera, it was immediately connected to the questionnaire form. Chung put in a cheering phrase for the team along with his favorite song, and a song that Chung requested was played in the ballpark soon after. The electronic display revealed the story that Chung wrote. “Listening to good songs outside together makes you feel the new charm of the baseball stadium,” Chung said with a happy expression.메이저사이트

SSG installed the big board back in 2016. The big board is the largest electronic board in Korea. It measures 63.398 meters wide, 17.962 meters long, and 1138.75 square meters of total area. In terms of inches, it measures 2,580 inches. To put it simply, it is the size of three basketball courts attached. Big boards have been used as a means of communicating with fans. 220 “Beacon,” a wireless communication device, and 140 “TGiga Wi-Fi” routers helped “communicate” with fans. There are 10 people in charge of operating the big board. The production producer and the production producer are in charge of the overall operation.

Since this year, SSG has been operating “Ranfill Radio,” which uses Big Board, the largest electronic display in Korea, to receive stories and play song requests like a radio. The starting point was the idea of a team employee, “Let’s use a total of 175 speakers, the largest professional stadium in Korea.”

Producer Park Yerin, who is in charge of big board operation, said, “We have prepared an event to deliver fun elements for speakers everywhere in the baseball stadium and fans who wait in the stands for an average of 20-30 minutes before the game.”

The reaction is quite popular. Three events seem to have been set up in Incheon SSG Landers Field along with Friday party and fireworks Saturday. Notably, more than 3,000 people participated in the event during the three consecutive games on weekdays against KIA from July 12 to 14. There are various reasons.

“I am a father of four children. This is my first visit to a baseball stadium. When I asked my 11-year-old first daughter, “Do you know how baseball works?” she said, “I hit a ball with a stick and went to fourth base to win.” I want to leave good memories with them. I request a song because my daughters like it the most.”

“I still remember vividly my childhood memory of going to Dowon Stadium holding my father’s hand, but now that the little one is at the baseball stadium at his age, it reminds me of my father. I should come with my father for the next game. The generational bond and memories between families have touched many fans, and I think it is a story that shows that baseball is more than just a sport and a medium to make precious memories for families.”

Kwon Jae-woo, a marketing partner, said, “A lot of stories come in around 4-5 o’clock when the QR code is sent to the big board. The large QR code displayed on the electronic display has been used to easily participate with a smartphone, which has lowered the barrier to entry, and the fun of being able to apply for and listen to the music I want also seems to stimulate fans’ curiosity.” He added, “Currently, the production is on a three-game series basis, but the goal is to allow fans to see their stories in person on the same day by producing and transmitting them on the same day with a lot of support.”

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