ume much less than 2.40 g of salt daily. A specific treat mix has 1.24 g of salt per 100 g of the mix.What mass of the treat mix can you take in as well as still be within the FDA limit?The is: mass of the treat mix can you take in as well as still be within the FDA limitation is 491 grams.ω(Na) =m (Na)÷ m(salt ).

ω(Na) = 39.33 g ÷ 100 g.ω(Na) = 0.3933; mass portion of salt in salt.m (salt)= 2.4 g ÷ 0.3933.

m(salt) = 6.10 g; mass of salt suggested for consumation.Make percentage: 1.24 g: 100 g =6.10 g ÷ m(mix).

m(mix )=491.93 g; mass of the treat mix.

First established the formula 39.33 g/100g=x/1.28 g

which "ll provide you just how much salt remains in each 100g of the mix. 39.33 g * 1.28 g= 100g * x x= 0.503424 g x= Quantity of salt per 100g of the mix Currently 2.4 g/ 0.503424= 4.7674 Multiply by 100 as well as you obtain 476.7353 g A mix of 3 gases has an overall stress of 1,380

mm Hg at 298 K. The blend is evaluated as well as is located to have 1.27 mol mmHg Description: Offered information: Overall stress

of gas=1380 mmHg Moles of carbon monoxide ₂ = 1.27 mol Moles of

CARBON MONOXIDE=3.04 mol Moles of Ar=1.50 mol Partial stress of Ar=

? Service: Formula:P (Ar) =Pt ... ...

(1)n ₁ = moles of Ar nt=

overall variety of moles Pt=

overall stress Currently we will certainly compute the overall variety of moles.nt = 1.27 mol +3.04 mol +1.50 mol nt

=5.81 mol

Currently we placed the worths in formula( 1 )


)= Pt P(Ar )=1380 mmHg P( Ar )=0.26 × 1380 mmHg P(

Ar) =358.8 mmHg 7 0 8 months back Throughout which action in the Can Squash Laboratory did water vapor pressure air from the container? irina When you warmed the

can with the little water inside as well as you

steamed it over a fire, the water resorted to vapor(gas) as well as the stress in

the within the container is various from the stress on

the beyond the canister. When you positioned the can right into a ice water beaker or
a <24>
container, the can reduced it "s dimension, lowering it "s mass and also thickness. The can reduced as an outcome of the within stress being matched with the outdoors pressure.The component where you positioned it in the ice bathroom or container was when the water vapor was dislodged of the canister. 3 0 11 months earlier The complete bonding power for the items of a response is 2535 kJ/mol as well as the bonding power of the catalysts is 1375 kJ/mol. C omeli kJ/mol Description: To obtain the enthalpy of the response take
ΔH items-ΔH catalysts 5 0 1 year ago Antoinc Laurent Lavoisicr "s payment to chemistry was. a.the regulation of preservation of mass. Ulleksa The for the adhering to concern

is discussed

below.The alternative for the

adhering to is "d". Description: The phlogiston concept of burning:( Greek word phlogiston suggests"SHED ")Phlogiston concept states that phlogisticated materials are the materials which contain phlogiston as well as dephlogisticate

when burned.Dephlogisticating is the procedure of launching kept phlogiston, which is taken in by the air.Growing plants then absorb this phlogiston, which is why air does not automatically ignite as well as additionally plantmatte burns as

well as it does.The dominating concept was that combustible products included a material called phlogiston that was launched throughout the

combustion.For instance: phlogiston was moving right into the bordering air. 8 0 6 months earlier Various other inquiries: × Include Send out × Login Email Password Remember me Login Not signed up? Rapid signup × Signup Your label Email Password Signup close Login Signup Ask inquiry!