I am composing a publication concerning mermen as well as mermaids, and also I have actually been calling them "merfolk" or just "people". Currently I am 2nd thinking whether a team of mermaids/men would certainly be called people. Taking a look at the meaning of "individuals" particularly associating with humans, I do not assume merpeople or individuals is applicable.Additionally, what would certainly you call a team of mermaids as well as various other sea animals together?I searched for numerous names for teams of fish as well as various other sea animals (shoal, college, sheathing, and so on) however am not persuaded that would certainly be ideal for combined teams.

Any type of ideas, tips, input would certainly be appreciated.Thanks all, Alycaria


Enjoyable concern. Considered that you "re currently in a dream room, I would certainly produce a word in their very own language that implies "Individual," as in numerous native languages. The language ought to possibly have a minimum of voiceless consonants, considering that they would certainly be hard to view undersea! Attempt getting in touch with the people that produce languages for kicks: http://www.conlang.org.


* I believe you have a possibility to develop your very own mass noun. Something like a "swim of mermaids" or a "hair of mermaids" would certainly seem good.

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