Damage Somebody of Something Definition

Meaning: To make somebody stop a behavior.

Beginning of Break A Person of Something

This expression came from around the early-1600s. Among the significances of break is to unexpectedly quit something. It is most likely that this significance of break is associated with the growth of the expression.

See right here for a conversation of break and also brake.

Instances of Break A Person of Something

In this discussion, 2 high-school trainees are discussing what to endure the very first day of college.

Lisa: So, do you recognize what you are mosting likely to endure the initial day of college? I simply shopped and also discovered a couple of various clothing that I such as.

Jackie: I had not actually considered it. Most likely simply something comfy like my old pants as well as an ordinary white Tee shirts.

Lisa: That is so uninteresting! You need to use something brand-new and also interesting for the initial day.

Jackie: Truly? Does it matter?

Lisa: Certainly it matters. I'm mosting likely to damage you of putting on the exact same clothing every year. You are obtaining as well made use of to the very same design. You require to attempt brand-new points!

Jackie: Oh. I think that holds true. I intend I can obtain a couple of brand-new clothing to upgrade my closet.

In the discussion listed below, 2 buddies are going over just how to give up smoking cigarettes.

Seth: Do you desire a cigarette?

Jimmy: No many thanks. I gave up a couple of months back.

Seth: Actually? I recognize you had actually wished to give up for a long period of time however were truly battling with it. What occurred to lastly damage you of the behavior?

Jimmy: I obtained an e-cigarette. It permitted me to gradually discourage myself off the pure nicotine. You must attempt it! It can damage you of your pack a day behavior.

Seth: It would certainly behave to give up. Possibly I'll attempt it.

Much more Instances

This passage has to do with a male whose weapon fixation resulted in ending up being a seeker.

This passage has to do with a train that maintained utilizing the exact same bet his group over and also over once more.


To damage a person of something suggests to quit somebody from doing something she or he accustomed to doing.


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