The Collaborative International Thesaurus Word interpretations in The Collaborative International Thesaurus Niobe \ Ni"o * be \, n. (Course. Misconception.) The child of Tantalus, as well as other half of Amphion, king of Thebes. Her satisfaction in her youngsters prompted Beauty as well as Diana, that multitude them all. Niobe herself was transformed by the gods right into rock.

Douglas Harper"s Etymology Thesaurus Word meanings in Douglas Harper"s Etymology Thesaurus in Greek folklore, a queen of Thebes, child of Tantalus, altered to a rock while crying for her kids (slaughtered, after she took pride in them overly, by Artemis and also Beauty); for this reason the name is made use of figuratively for grief and also distress. The name is stated ...

Wikipedia Word interpretations in Wikipedia In Greek folklore, Niobe (;) was a child of Tantalus and also of either Dione, one of the most often pointed out, or of Eurythemista or Euryanassa, and also the sis of Pelops as well as Broteas. Her papa was the leader of a city called "Tantalis" or "the city of Tantalus ...

Use instances of niobe.

Therefore Niobe, as Clotho, would certainly rest, then maintain Atropos business for her change, then think the workplace while Atropos rested and also Lachesis maintained her business.

Niobe had actually ended up being Clotho, in huge component, due to the fact that the previous Clotho had actually liked her, and also currently was Lachesis since the 3 Elements had actually concurred she was required.

Then Niobe clarified the 3 tasks: exactly how Clotho rotated the strings of life, Lachesis gauged them, and also Atropos reduced them to their sizes.

Niobe claimed, and also blinked via the Clotho and also Atropos Aspects for him prior to going back to Lachesis.

Atropos was not proficient with the technological product, yet Niobe and also Clotho believed the solutions at her, so she can tutor the woman capably.

Niobe understood she might not send him away to university without consummating the marital relationship.

The Niobe was existing at solitary support well outside the harbour, having deformed free from all delivery in the evening: the wind had actually gone down to a dead tranquility throughout the center watch, as well as despite having all hatches and also scuttles open it was stiflingly warm listed below.

Niobe might recognize, despite the fact that her very own prepared marital relationship had actually been an excellent one.

Really, if it had actually concerned brass adds, we need to have had no argument either to Niobe as well as her wrestler"s structure.

Niobe might ap-- preciate the lure, yet understood that an individual did not need to tease with Heck for it.

Niobe might value the lure, yet understood that an individual did not need to tease with Heck for it.

Topgallants as well as an external jib burst out aboard the frigate, however the fore-topgallant split as it was sheeted house, and also prior to the flustered Niobes might blunt up the Weasel got on her starboard beam of light, mistreating her cruelly, taking the wind right out of her sails.

Niobe brought him food, cool meat as well as goat"s cheese, and also rested close to him as he consumed.

And also everybody shrieked: Niobe, Niobe of the environment-friendly paint and also brownish-yellow eyes.

As it had actually been when he attempted to strike at Niobe herself, he had actually been stopped, yet an innocent event had actually experienced.