Victory made with the ‘Batting Ball Partner’ first team manager…Austin “I can give you everything I got today”

Austin Dean (LG Twins) won the title of “Winner” after a match between Jonathan Ferraza (Hanwha Eagles) and Sudden Death in the final of the 2024 Shinhan Bank SOL Bank KBO League All-Star Game “Comtus Professional Baseball Home Run Derby” at SSG Landers Field in Incheon on the 5th.유흥알바

Unlike last year, there have been many changes in the Home Run Derby this year. The biggest change is how players are selected. Previously, the KBO selected players by itself, but this year, players were selected through fan voting. The KBO received fan votes from April 25 to 27, and Choi Jeong (22,006), Choi Do-young (19,248 votes), Roh Si-hwan (13,746 votes), Peraza (10,158), LG Austin (10,41 votes), Park Dong-won (10,36 votes), NC Dinos Kim Hyung-joon (10,016 votes), and KT Wiz Mel Rojas Jr. (10,012) will participate in the All-Star Game.

It was Peraza who hit the most home runs in the seven-out qualifying round. Peraza proudly ranked No. 1 with nine missiles in the preliminary round. And with Austin and Kim Do-young tied for second with four each, Sudden Death progressed, and Austin was the last to laugh. Park Dong-won and Rojas each had three home runs, Kim Hyung-joon had two, and Roh Si-hwan and Choi Jeong-eun, who won the title of “Homer King,” respectively, lost their pride with one home run and zero home runs.

The finals were very tight. Austin hit three home runs in a row from the beginning, but his pace dropped dramatically and he only hit four. Then Peraza came to the plate. Peraza, who had nine home runs in the preliminary round, matched Austin with four home runs in two outs. However, with no additional home runs coming from behind, Sudden Death determined the winner. Austin came from behind to win the title of Home Run Derby.

Austin, the winner of Home Run The B, will receive a prize of 5 million won and an LG CinemaCube. The runner-up Perazaar won the prize of 1 million won. The distance prize went to Rojas’ arms. He recorded the distance of 130 meters. He will receive the Galaxy Tab S9 as a prize.

Austin, who held an official press conference after the ceremony, said, “I didn’t expect anything at all. Honestly, I came here with the idea of having fun, but I was very lucky. Peraza was doing very well, and I didn’t know Sudanese would do it twice,” adding, “I think having fun came as a good result. I’ve never experienced anything like this before.”

Austin chose Seo In-seok, the first team manager, as his batting ball partner on the day. “I chose Seo as my batting ball partner. He sometimes throws me a batting ball during training, and this was my favorite among the batting balls I threw, so I told him playfully, but it was a success. I’m sure he was nervous as much as I was nervous, but he threw it well,” Austin said. “I can give you everything I got today.”

Austin visited the press conference with his son Dallas. The Austin family usually visits Jamsil Stadium in Seoul to cheer for Austin during home games. They also cheered for Austin who participated in the Home Run Derby on the day.

He said, “My family always gives me strength. It seems that it helped parents gain strength when they have a baby. I came up with the idea of having fun with my wife and playing with my son, but I think I was lucky enough to win the title.”

In fact, Peraza started to rush in the beginning and tied Austin after two outs. However, he failed to score a home run afterwards, leading to Sudden Death.

“When I had two outs left, I thought I could do it again,” Austin said. “Honestly, I kept cheering for him, hoping that he would pass the game. I was very supportive of him because he is a foreign player as well.”

Austin will play in the All-Star Game on June 6. “I’m really looking forward to tomorrow’s All-Star Game. Thank you to the fans who cheered for me today. I’d like to thank the players and the fans who picked me. I’d appreciate it if they looked forward to it.”

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