“There are no useless balls” praised the catcher of the National University, and it became a new move to change the first nomination of Samsung. “Da-seung and No. 2 in the ERA team.”

Lee Seung-hyeon (22) made a soft landing as a starting pitcher. He saved his team from the brink of losing three consecutive games by winning his sixth win of this season.스포츠토토

At a game against the LG Twins held at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on Tuesday, Lee started the game and showed good pitching in six innings of four hits, two walks and three strikeouts without allowing any point. Taking advantage of Lee’s hard pitching, Samsung won 2-1, and returned to second place.

Lee won his sixth win (three losses) of the season, and lowered his ERA to 3.16. He ranked second in both wins and ERA after Won Tae-in (7 wins, four losses, 3.14 ERA).

After the game, Lee said with a smile, “I never thought I would win so many victories. I’m glad to win.”

He pitched well against LG this season. Lee, who also gave no runs in five innings against LG on April 24, continued his scoreless streak on the day. “When I was a bullpen, I was weak against LG. I just got hit a lot. I think it’s good that I don’t get points by accident. I think it’s better because I’m good at throwing well against LG, which is fighting for the ranking.”

Lee Seung-hyun was highly anticipated as he joined Samsung as the first designation in 2021. He started as a bullpen pitcher. He pitched in 147 games over the past three years by banking on his fastballs with up to 150 kilometers per hour, recording four wins, 13 losses, 28 holds, and six saves. Notably, he played in 58 games (47 ⅔ innings), recording two wins, four losses, one save and an ERA of 4.53 holds, and served as a key bullpen pitcher.

In this season, Lee has decided to take on a new challenge. Rather than a bullpen, he transformed himself into a starting pitcher. He took starting classes from the Australian League, and won the competition for starting the fifth time in spring camps and exhibition games. Since the season’s opening, he has been playing rotation as a starting pitcher.

In April, he played in three games, recording two wins and one loss with a 1.80 ERA in 15 innings. However, he had ups and downs in May. He rose sharply to one win and one loss with a 6.86 ERA in 19 ⅔ in four games.

However, he seems to have regained stability in June. In five games in June, he has garnered three wins and no loss with an ERA of 1.29. He has pitched six innings three times. Hence, chances are high he will win the MVP award monthly.

“I’m not sure. It would be nice to receive it, but it’s not what I think,” Lee said with a smile. “As far as I know, my fourth pitch in six innings is my fourth pitch, I want to continue throwing six innings and go further to seven innings.”

Catcher Kang Min-ho, who achieved the battery on the day, praised (Lee) Seung-hyun, saying, “He doesn’t throw useless balls.”

In order to change from a bullpen pitcher to a starting pitcher, he needs to change a lot of things. Of course, he changed his fitness and rest habits. While doing this, he lost nearly 10 kilograms. “I didn’t mean to lose this much weight,” Lee said with a smile. “I lost weight while exercising. I try to eat a lot of carbohydrates the day before the game because I am losing so much weight. I eat rice.”

He has researched a lot to become a starting pitcher. “I made workout routines for each day. I was able to create good conditions because I had fixed days off and playing catch,” Lee said. “Coaches Park Hee-soo and Jeong Min-tae who worked with me in Australia helped me a lot. They also paid a lot of attention to me in the training part.”

In fact, Lee has not set any personal goals as he transitioned to starting pitcher. The same is true now. “I still have no personal goal. I want to keep going around the starting rotation without getting sick. Then I think the result will follow,” he said.

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