The uniform was covered in dirt and Choi Joo-hwan’s good defense protected the victory in the hustle thrown all over without knowing that his arm was broken

Kiwoom Choi Joo-hwan’s strong defense kept the team from winning. He took the pain of his elbow and blew himself to prevent the ball.유흥알바

Kiwoom Heroes won the first game of the second half against Hanwha 5-3 at Gocheok Sky Dome on the 9th.

The game was staged as a showdown between foreign pitchers Weiss and Kium Furado of the Hanwha Eagles. Weiss and Furado both pitched seven innings, displaying ace-down pitching. Weiss allowed five hits, four outs and two runs (one earned run) in seven innings, while Furado allowed eight hits (two homers) in seven innings, one out and four strikeouts, and three runs.

Hanwha scored the first run in the top of the first inning with Peraza’s double and An Chi-hong’s timely hit. Peraza and An Chi-hong hit a back-to-back homer in the top of the third inning to take a 3-0 lead. Kiwoom, which had been losing ground to Weiss, started fighting back in the sixth inning. Kim Hye-sung, who was made up of a triple by leadoff batter Lee Ju-hyung and a walk by Dawson, scored a point due to the opponent’s error, and Song Sung-moon hit a double to catch up by a point.

Kiwoom targeted the bullpen of Hwang Joon-seo, Han Seung-hyuk and Hanwha in the eighth inning. Three consecutive walks came out after one out, and the foil overlapped to tie the score. Hanwha was disappointed in defense. During Ko Young-woo’s infield hit, Ha Joo-seok committed a bad pitch to the first base, and Lee Hyung-jong and Choi Joo-hwan homered and widened the score by 5-3, two points.

Hanwha, trailing by two points, created a chance for one out and runners on first and second base with consecutive hits by Kim Tae-yeon and Ha Joo-seok after Chae Eun-sung’s strikeout in the top of the ninth inning.

Lee Do-yoon lightly pulled Cho Sang-woo’s falling ball with the ball count of 1B2S. The ball flew directly to the first baseman, and Choi Joo-hwan, who cleared the ball, launched a fly to catch the first baseman who failed to return home by hitting the base with a beat. It was the moment when two outcounts went up at the same time to end the game.

In an instant, the first base umpire declared a foul following a short bound catch, and the Kiwoom bench asked for a video review.

Choi Joo-hwan took out the ball inside his mitt, confident of a double out. If it was a foul ball that became a bound, there would have been traces on the ball, but the ball without soil was clean.

The result of the video review was a double out. It was a moment when Choi Joo-hwan’s good defense, which enabled his team to secure victory by allowing only one out and runners on the first and second bases.

Choi Joo-hwan’s left arm was left with a glorious wound. Choi Joo-hwan, who checked the wound only after the game, smiled happily as he looked at the swept left arm.

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