The start is bonehead play, but Park Kun-woo, who made up for it with wit, experiences of a veteran who shone in confusion

It was a near fatal mistake, but he made up for it and drew the best results. Park Kun-woo’s experience shone in a chaotic situation in his 16th year since his professional debut.메이저사이트

A strange situation occurred in Jamsil on the 19th when NC and Doosan faced off. It was one out and runners on first and second base with Park Kun-woo on second base and Matt Davidson on first base. Kwon Hee-dong’s fly ball was trapped in the infield. Doosan shortstop Park Joon-young seemed to catch it easily and dropped the ball. It was seen as an intentional fall for a double play. Park Kun-woo and Matt Davidson hurriedly started toward the next base. In fact, it was a play that didn’t have to be played, and it was a play that shouldn’t have been played. This is because the second base umpire declared an in-field fly.

As soon as Park Joon-young picked up the ball, he threw it to the third base. Park Kun-woo stopped a few steps ahead of the third base. It seemed natural to be out with a tag play and the inning ended as it was, but Doosan third baseman Jeon Min-jae did not think about tagging. It seemed that he did not realize the situation of an in-field fly. Park, who was standing facing Jeon for a while, turned slightly and crept to third base, then suddenly accelerated and stepped on third base in an instant. Jeon had no idea of tagging until then. Park Geon-woo, who should have been out earlier, lived to third base and even homered until Lee Young-ha’s wild pitch. NC gave a valuable extra point and beat Doosan 7-5 in the top of the eighth inning with Davidson’s two-run homer.

“In fact, it was a bonehead play,” Park said after the game. Now that an in-field fly came out, he said he shouldn’t have run in the first place. “I ran because I didn’t hear the in-field fly call. I ran and the ball was already there,” Park said, recalling the situation. “I was in trouble. I stopped thinking that if I get tagged, it’s over and pretended not to know and stepped on the third base.”

Park lived in danger of dying due to his instantaneous wit, but he shook his head saying, “I hope the play doesn’t come out again.” Regardless of the result, both the runner and defense were all wrong plays. He also feels sorry because his former teammate made a mistake at the same time. “I want him to say sorry to (former) Min-jae,” Park said.

At bat on the day as well, Park made two hits and one walk from three times at bat, including a home run. He took the batter’s box as an error in his first at-bat in the first inning against Doosan starter Choi Won-joon, but hit a two-run homer with a flying distance of 125 meters in the third inning. “I got a high fastball in my first at-bat, but the timing was too late. So I thought I would get another one,” Park said. “I thought I would get a high fastball from my body when the 1S 3B comes in. I was just looking at the fastball from my body, thinking to swing and miss when the outside or the breaking ball comes in, but it just came into the position that I thought it would.” This means that his aim was to get the ball right.

Park had a batting average of 0.355 so far this season, ranking second in the league after SSG’s Guillermo Heredia (0.369). When asked if he really wants to become the batting champion, Park shook his head twice or three times. He apparently has no relationship with the batting champion.”

Park Kun-woo, one of the leading sluggers in the league, has never been ranked No. 1 in batting average. 2017 was the most regrettable year. With a batting average of 0.366, he fell behind Kim Sun-bin of KIA by a gap of four points. With the record of 20 homers and 20 steals in sight, his swing at the end of the season has increased without him knowing. He achieved the record with just 20 homers and 20 steals, but he could not avoid a drop in batting average. “It’s not something I can say I want to do, but I think I can only do it when I’m healthy. I’m not lying. Now I really don’t care about the title of the batting champion,” Park said.

However, if he has a wish, he will maintain his career batting average of 0.300. “It is not easy, especially for right-handed hitters to hit .300. That is why Lee Dae-ho and Kim Tae-kyun are amazing. They are not very fast in their legs. I respect them.”

Park Kun-woo also congratulated Son Ah-seop, who set a tie for the most hits in the KBO with 2,504 hits in his career. “I think the record will come out tomorrow right away, but congratulations in advance,” Park Kun-woo said. “I think I can work harder and be humble because I have a player like A-seop. I hope junior players will grow further by watching such players.”

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