The reality is that it’s right to rest, but it takes the honor of winning the most votes… Jung Hae-young, who has a sore shoulder, the dilemma of the All-Star Game

Jeong Hae-young was removed from the entry list for the main league team on Tuesday. It was a scheduled procedure. Jeong was replaced as he felt shoulder pain while pitching in the first game of the doubleheader against the Hanwha Eagles on Sunday. The fact that the closing pitcher, who is leading the Kia Tigers with perfect performance by finishing this season, took the mound in the ninth inning and chose to go down the mound after failing to take responsibility for the innings meant that the pain was not unusual.업소알바

The examination was conducted immediately on the 24th, and as a result of the diagnosis, he was found to have inflammation of the rotator cuff of the right shoulder. If it is unfortunate, the reason for the pain to rest for the time being has been clearly identified, and fortunately, it is not a serious injury. Rotator cuff inflammation is a phenomenon of muscle wear caused by using the shoulders a lot, which can be improved by treatment and rehabilitation.

Unfortunately, the All-Star break is just around the corner. Despite the controversy due to its short duration, the All-Star break will take place once in three consecutive weekend games. There will be no games from May 5 to May 8. Who will not participate in the All-Star Game.

The problem is, Jung Hae-young is an All-Star. She was honored with the most votes cast by fans. It is very unfortunate for both players and fans that the player with the most votes cannot play at the All-Star Game.

From Kia’s point of view, however, the team cautiously welcomes the fact that Jung has earned even a little more time to rest. Assuming that he does not participate in the All-Star Game, he can take a full two-week rest. As Jung is essential for his bid to win the title in the second half of the year, Coach Lee Bum-ho and his club may want Jung not to participate in the All-Star Game.

The best-case scenario is that Jung will recover quickly from now on and normalize his shoulder condition ahead of the All-Star Game. That’s why he will play in the All-Star Game and start the following season.

As mentioned above, however, injuries can lead to differences in the sky and the earth depending on whether you rest two to three more days or not. Also, if you are not going to show the best performance in the All-Star Game, you might as well not take the mound at all.

The variable is Jung’s motivation. He had such an enormous honor that it would be hard to come back as a professional player, but he forced his participation in the game due to such responsibility. This is the part that requires consultation with coach Lee and his club. For this reason, Kia carefully announced that whether Jung will play at the All-Star Game is undecided.

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