The ‘giants’ who catch tigers and beat bears, and the ‘heroes’ who overcome twins and lions, the lower-ranked teams are also afraid of

This year’s professional baseball is facing a fiercer ranking battle than ever. In particular, the top teams in the 1st to 4th place are in war every game. One team is overwhelmingly unable to play, exciting fans.

Usually, there is a saying that in order to compete for the championship, you have to catch the team you have to catch. In this case, the teams to catch are mainly teams that are at the bottom. This was the case with Samsung during the dynasty.룸알바

Kia, LG, Samsung and Doosan rank first to fourth in the Korean pro baseball league as of Tuesday next week. The gap between Kia, which ranks first, and Doosan, which ranks fourth, is only 3.5 games. If the team wins just one or two matches, the gap can be narrowed in no time.

As mentioned above, in such a tense ranking fight, you must win against the bottom teams. However, all four teams are attracting attention because there are low-ranking teams that are strangely hampered this year.

KIA is losing three wins, one draw and six losses in 10 face-to-face confrontations with Lotte this season. Although Lotte has become stronger than its background in recent years, it is a matter of hurting its pride from the perspective of the leading KIA.

The start was three consecutive away games at Sajik on April 21-23. At that time, KIA was swept by starting pitchers Nail, Yoon Young-chul and Kim Sa-yoon in order. It was the first sweep of KIA this season.

After that, he moved to Gwangju and held three consecutive games from the 4th to the 6th, but recorded a losing series with one win and two losses. If it were not for Yang Hyun-jong’s hard pitching and Kim Do-young’s performance in the last game at the time, he could have been swept again.

Kia is also sweating over the three consecutive away matches between the two teams, which have been underway since Saturday. At the match on Saturday, Kia suffered a humiliating 15-15 draw, as it suffered a come-from-behind defeat by losing 15-14 at the time of its 14-1 win. In addition, the team suffered a bitter come-from-behind defeat by 4-6, failing to keep starter Cam Aldred’s two-run pitching in six innings.

Doosan is not as good as KIA, but is still lagging behind with two wins, one draw and three losses in six games. In three consecutive away games from Sajik from April 5 to 7, Doosan won the game by allowing three runs (two earned runs) in six innings by Brandon Waddell, but gave up the winning series after losing two consecutive games, but ended up with one win, one draw and one loss in three consecutive home games held in Jamsil from April 17 to 19.

Just in time, Doosan’s last opponent in the first half of the season is Lotte. It will play at Jamsil Stadium from July 4 to 6. However, if the rotation is maintained now, Doosan will have to meet Kim Jin-wook, Park Se-woong and Aaron Wilkerson in order. It will not be easy this time either.

When Kiwoom was at Nexen, the match between the two teams was called “El Necrascico” and it was one of the most representative rivalry games in professional baseball. The rivalry between the two teams, which has continued since then, has continued again this year.

LG and Kiwoom have been together eight times this season, with LG losing three wins and five losses. They gave up the winning series with one win and two losses in the three consecutive away games at Gocheok from March 29 to 31, and both games were lost in the three home games held in Jamsil on May 14-16, with one game not being held due to rain. However, they have caught up to some extent by winning two wins and one loss in the three consecutive games at Jamsil from the 4th to the 6th, but they are still inferior.

Samsung is also fighting against Kiwoom. In the first three consecutive games from April 2-4, one game was not held due to rain, but both games were lost. Since then, he has succeeded in revenge by leaving Gocheok on April 26-28, sweeping all three consecutive games, and since then, he has been pushed back to one win and two losses in the three consecutive games from April 28 to 30. And in the three consecutive games from the 7th to the 9th, they were once again pushed back to one win and two losses. Kiwoom usually met Samsung when it was in a losing streak, but Samsung met Kiwoom and showed many signs of not being able to break the losing streak.

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