The Bears’ “20-win filial son” ace left the spot, and the 196-cm tall right-hander will fill it…Arriving in Korea on the 8th, when will you make your KBO debut?

The place where the 20-win ace left will be filled by a 196-centimeter-tall right-hander. Will the Doosan Bears be able to immediately see the effect of recruiting Jordan Balazovic from Canada? Balazovic will enter Korea on July 8 and begin the process of getting a work visa. Attention is expected to be drawn to when Balazovic will make his KBO League debut.메이저사이트

Doosan officially announced on July 4 that it signed right-hander Jordan Balazovic for a total of $250,000. It also requested the Korea Baseball Organization to announce waivers for Raul Alcantara.

Born in 1998, Balazovic from Canada has a robust physical condition of 196 centimeters tall and weighing 97 kilograms. A fifth-round pick by the Minnesota Twins in the 2016 rookie draft, Balazovic made his major league debut in 2023. Balazovic played 24.1 innings in 18 appearances in the 2023 season, recording one win and a 4.44 ERA.

Balazovic posted 29 wins and 28 losses with seven saves and an earned run average of 4.40 in 138 games (83 starts). This season, Balazovic pitched in 24 games (first start) for the Triple-A St. Paul Saints of Minnesota and recorded five wins, four losses and three holds with an earned run average of 5.60.

“Balazovic is a powerful fastball pitcher who gets hit by a high RBI. His fastball speed is up to 156 kilometers per hour and 150 kilometers per hour on average. He is also a pitcher who can put breaking balls such as splitters, curves, and sliders in the strike zone, and has excellent strikeouts,” a Doosan official said.

After a long period of consideration, Doosan decided to separate itself from Alcantara, its first starter. Alcantara, who joined Doosan in the 2020 season and succeeded in winning 20 games this season, returned to Doosan again in the 2023 season after challenging himself in the Nippon Professional Baseball (NBP) league. Alcantara pitched in 31 games (192 innings) in the 2023 season, displaying 13 wins, 9 losses and a 2.67 162 strikeout, an ace in the team.

However, Alcantara did not display his powerful pitching performance like before, as he suffered from elbow pain in the 2024 season. Alcantara also left for the U.S. after a long hiatus early in the season, and returned for a personal check-up. Alcantara has rarely regained stability, with one win and a 4.88 ERA in five appearances in June. In the end, Alcantara was notified of his release on July 3 after suffering a four-hit, three-walk, six-run slump in two innings against the Lotte Giants in Jamsil.

Doosan chose Balazovic to replace Alcantara. Balazovic will join the team after completing administrative procedures. For starters, Balazovic will arrive at Incheon International Airport Terminal 1 at 5:30 p.m. on July 8. He will likely move to Japan to get a work visa.

Foreign players who recently stepped on the Korean soil as substitutes have completed the issuance of work visas at least a week after entering the country. In the case of KIA Tigers substitute foreign pitcher Aldred, he went through the process of announcing his contract on May 29, entering the country on May 31, issuing a work visa on June 5, and making his KBO League debut on June 8. Hanwha Eagles substitute foreign pitcher Weiss made his KBO League debut on the 25th after announcing his contract on June 17, entering the country on June 18, and issuing a work visa on the 20th. In the end, considering the process of adaptation and preparation for issuing a work visa and starting a game, Balazovic’s KBO League debut is likely to be next week.

Meanwhile, Doosan is expected to choose between Shirakawa Keisho, who was announced on waivers by SSG Landers, and Eric Jokish, who recently tested for joining in Icheon, over the recruitment of Brandon Waddell as an alternative temporary foreign pitcher. I wonder if Doosan will be able to re-energize the competition for the lead in the second half of the year by joining Balazovic and recruiting temporary replacement foreign pitchers.

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