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Your Songs"s Negative and also You Need To Really feel Poor is a remarkable quote from a 2003 episode of Futurama Online, it has actually come to be a snowclone ("Your X misbehaves and also You Need To Feeling Bad"), usually made use of in a photo macro collection including the personality Zoidberg to embarassment others for activities or point of views that a person regards as unfavorable.


The expression "Your Songs"s Poor and also You Ought To Feeling Bad" was initial said in the Futurama episode entitled "The Adversary"s Hands Are Still Toys," <5> which very first broadcast on August 10th, 2003. After Fry trades hands with the Robotic Evil one, he does an opera in initiative to charm Leela. In the center of the efficiency, the Robotic Evil one needs and also returns his return from Fry, otherwise the Adversary would certainly wed Leela himself. Fry concurs, and also proceeds the efficiency, that is currently substantially much less proficient at playing the holophoner. As Fry is playing inadequately, Zoidberg slams his songs from the group.

Indulgence Robot: Much less truth, even more dream. Return to the opera. Fry: However I can"t play anymore!Dr. Zoidberg: Yes you can! The songs remained in your heart, not your hands. Dr. Zoidberg: Your songs"s negative and also you ought to really feel negative!


Snowclone by-products of the expression have actually been utilized on-line considering that as very early as February 2009. On February 5th, 2009, an individual of the MetaFilter MetaTalk <3> online forums made use of "Your tags misbehave and also you ought to really feel poor" as the title of a blog post slamming various other customers that do not correctly identify their entries to MetaFilter. By July 2009, the snowclone expression started to show up with a still from the Futurama episode including Zoidberg putting on a coat as well as bow incorporate a string on the IGN online forums. <1>


In December 2009, "Your Ballot Misbehaves As Well As You Ought To Feeling Bad" was made use of as the heading for a Deadspin <2> tale on ballot for that year"s All-Star basketball group. In 2010, 2 Facebook follower web pages <4><6> were produced for the expression, obtaining much less than 300 sort in between them since July 2013. A 3rd Facebook follower web page <7> was developed in October 2011, building up 34 likes since July 2013. 2 months later on, in November, a string labelled "Your English misbehaves as well as You Must Feeling Bad" <8> was produced, buffooning various other posters that blended words "your" as well as "you"re." In March 2012, We understand Memes produced a photo macro generator <9> making use of the Zoidberg still, which has actually because accumulated 451 entries. By July 2012, a Meme Generator <10> web page was additionally produced, accumulating virtually 600 entries, along with 3 different Quickmeme generators <11><12><13> which have greater than 6,400 entries amongst them.