“Success rate 89.5%.” I only got 64G, but 34 steals…”Because the variable is number one,” Ma said, “Postseason,” not 70 steals

After being selected by the Lotte Giants as the 44th overall pick in the fifth round of the second round of the 2020 Rookie Draft, Hwang returned from the military service and it was a fresh shock not seen at Lotte. Based on his ability to make infield hits through surprise bunt at bat at any time and steal second base anytime as a runner, he played in 102 games with 94 hits, one homer, 62 runs, 10 steals, and a batting average of 0.294, challenging himself to win the title of “Rookie of the Year.” However, it was not easy for Hwang to see such a performance last year.안전놀이터

Was it because of his jinx in his second year? In 74 games, Hwang had just 36 hits, 22 runs, five steals, and a batting average of 0.212 OPS of 0.533. He got off to a good start by having 12 hits and a batting average of 0.353 in April last year, largely due to the fact that he encountered an unexpected obstacle called injury, and failed to regain his batting pace due to the impact. In the meantime, Hwang lost ground due to the emergence of a rival named Kim Min-seok. As a result, he was rarely offered a chance until early this season.

However, Hwang constantly tried to get a chance to come to himself someday, and Kim Tae-hyung, who had been watching him in a good way, gave him a chance to play since mid-April. And the effect was tremendous. In a showdown with the LG Twins on April 18, Hwang was in the starting lineup for the first time in a long time and had multi-hitters, and he soared by hitting a total of three home runs in a doubleheader with the KT Wiz. As a result, he posted an outstanding batting average of 0.419 with 15 hits, three homers, eight RBIs, 15 runs and 10 steals during the month of April.

Hwang Sung-bin, who had been playing a vital role in Lotte’s offense by swinging his fire bat every day, had a hiatus due to a hamstring injury after the match against the NC Dinos on April 28, but this did not affect Hwang’s pace. Hwang Sung-bin, who returned to the first division stage in mid-May, continued his good trend with 17 hits, one homer, 15 runs, seven steals, and a batting average of 0.340 . And Hwang Sung-bin, who played “full time” for the first time in June, finished the first half with a batting average of 0.355 with 33 hits, 21 runs, 13 steals, and a batting average of 0.349 OPS of 0.883.

The high batting average in the mid-30s, remarkably improved on-base percentage and slugging percentage have all improved, but the most noticeable part is by far the stolen base. Hwang Sung-bin stole as many as 20 stolen bases as 100 percent before the first game began in June. And he stole 34 bases before the end of the first half, becoming the first Lotte player to reach 30 steals as a Lotte player in eight years since Son Ah-seop (NC Dinos) in 2016. In particular, considering the period when he was not a main player at the beginning of the season and left due to injury, you can see how much he ran without a break.

With Lotte playing 80 games, Hwang has 34 stolen bases, ranking second in the league after Cho Soo-haeng (39 stolen bases). At the current pace, he can record 68.85 in arithmetic. Is there any desire to become the stealer king? “We still have a lot of games to play,” Hwang said, smiling awkwardly. “I think I need to play at least 60 games to become the stealer king this year. That’s why I don’t know much about him. I want to end the season by only increasing the success rate.”

Hwang has not revealed his desire to become the stealer king, but he has achieved all of his goals in the first half of this season. He said, “It’s amazing that I stole 30 times in the first half. Last year, new coaches came to the closing camp and I said, ‘I will play 30 times next year,’ but I was scolded by them, ‘Why can I play 30 times when I can’t even play on the base?’ “But I already did 30 times,” he said. “Because of this, I need to know information about pitchers in advance. In this regard, coach (Go) Young-min helps me a lot. It’s all thanks to you.”

He left a lot of impact with his footprints from the first season after his debut, but his steal success rate was less than 50 percent. However, Hwang’s steal success rate is very high at 89.5 percent this year. What has changed? “In the past, I felt like, ‘I’m really fast. Let’s watch the game because I’m fast even though I start late,'” Hwang said. “Now, if we start late, we stop at STAY. What we used to catch a lot is helping us a lot now.” After all, Hwang’s trials and errors from the first season after his debut have now become his blood and flesh.

The implementation has not yet been confirmed, but if the pitch clock is introduced, Hwang Sung-bin can be of greater help to the team. After the introduction of the pitch clock, the number of stolen bases in the Major League also increased explosively, and fast-footed players have a place to stand. This is why you can make a scoring position at any time as long as you get on base. Hwang Sung-bin expressed confidence, saying, “I haven’t thought about the pitch clock yet. However, the fact that I can do what other players can’t do and that there are runners who can also play in the team is a very positive factor.”

Because of these advantages, Hwang, more than anyone else, hopes to advance to the postseason, where the “short-term battle” takes place. Lotte finished the first half in eighth place, but it is still in the postseason berth.

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