“Snow baseball + double explosion.” The bat of the national big gun is heating up again

Park Byung-ho, the “people’s big gun” of the Samsung Lions in professional baseball, predicted a recovery in hitting sense after overcoming the ups and downs.노래방알바

Park Byung-ho started as the seventh designated hitter in the home game against the SSG Landers at Daegu Samsung Lions Park on the 20th. Having failed to produce a hit in five consecutive games since the match against Changwon NC on the 14th, Park Byung-ho scored one hit, one RBI and one run from two times at bat.

In the first inning, Samsung had a chance to garner the first run with two outs, with Kim Ji-chan’s hit, opponent’s wild pitch, and Kang Min-ho’s walk. Kim Young-woong hit a right-handed hit to bring second baseman Kim Ji-chan home. Soon after, Yoon Jeong-bin drew a walk with SSG starting pitcher Song Young-jin after a full count. With runners on the bases loaded, Park Byung-ho showed off his baseball performance and had a walk to garner a RBI single.

SPOTV commentator Seo Jae-ung praised Park Byung-ho’s initiative, saying, “It’s a situation where the bat can come out with a ball count of 3B-1S, but I endured it once more and scored an RBI.”

Having grounded out to the third base in the fourth inning, Park drew a walk against Cho in the sixth inning when Kang Min-ho had a hit, stole the second base and Yoon Jeong-bin had a chance to walk the first and second base. Having reached multiple bases, Park failed to return home due to failure to make subsequent hits.

Park Byung-ho, who had an RBI single in snow baseball, created an opportunity by hitting a double when he needed an additional run. Leading 2-0 in the eighth inning, Yoon Jeong-bin hit a solo arch to the left wall against SSG closer Moon Seung-won to add one more run.

Coming up to the batter’s box soon afterwards, Park pulled his fastball (148 kilometers) to left field for the sixth time after a full count with Moon. After settling at the second base, Park took home a hit to the right by Lee Chang-yong and a hit to the left by pinch hitter Kim Heon-gon. In fact, the score was the decisive factor in the outcome.

Samsung defeated the SSG 4-0, ending its three consecutive games during the week with two wins and one loss and a winning series. Starting pitcher Connor Seabold won his sixth game of the season with seven scoreless innings with eight strikeouts, while Kim Jae-yoon and Lee Seung-hyun collaborated with each other for two scoreless innings. Playing as the sixth right fielder, Yoon Jeong-bin became the first player to garner 50,000 hits in his team’s entire career in the eighth inning by hitting his second arch of the season.

Park Byung-ho, who had an RBI through snow baseball and provided additional scoring opportunities through a double, created an opportunity for rebound. If Park, who heated up the team’s batters, who had been faltering after moving to the Major League, regains his form, the power of Samsung’s batters will likely double.

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