small talk in a sauna

Recently, I saw a story of Lotte Giants left-handed promising pitcher Kim Jin-wook going to a sauna on YouTube related to baseball. It is interesting that Kim said, “The sauna taught me how to relax. I got a lot of strength.” During his slump after joining the team, Kim seems to gain energy with the support and support of fans who recognized him at Futures Stadium and sauna.안전놀이터

You can find the wisdom of relationships in Kim’s sauna. I feel awkward and embarrassed at first, but I think I had a good relationship with her. Conversation is often difficult to start or be honest with her right away. However, if you change the place or format of conversation and get out of the hard atmosphere, you can communicate more comfortably and leisurely. I have experiences where I came to understand each other’s perspectives and positions a little more while chatting with each other about trivial habits and areas of personal interest at a meal or cafe. What about you.

Having worked for a baseball team, I also have some things to remember about saunas. After working as the front desk for about 10 years, the team’s trend toward saunas and baths changed. In the early days of the NC Dinos’ establishment, when we booked away accommodations for players, there had to be a sauna. At Masan Baseball Stadium (currently the Futures Team Stadium), which was the home ground at the time, there was no way to build a sauna facility, so the team bought a sauna at a nearby hotel and distributed it to the team. It was because there were many veteran coaching staff members, but experienced leaders instructed players to stay in the sauna after training or after games. They emphasized the effects of relaxing muscles and recovering from fatigue. In addition, the trust that builds up between players and players, as we talk about this and that in a completely natural form, has increased. This is how I learned about a story of a player who was agonizing over family issues.

As years went by, however, the number of players has gradually decreased. As baseball players have not changed, the number of people using the sauna has also decreased, and there have been cases where the sauna at the hotel is closed. Some players who said they absolutely need a sauna requested that a room with bathtub be assigned to them. Kim Jin-sung (current LG Twins) was the representative. He was thorough in taking care of his body. As the hotel rooms were also changed to shower booths, staff in charge of the team struggled.

While foreign players didn’t enjoy saunas that much, Eric Hacker (NC 2013-2017) was the exception. Having experienced saunas culture in Korea, he highly praised them, saying they are great for pitchers. When he entered the bath, he had to wrap his right hand around a towel to throw the ball out of the water. His intention was not to interfere with his pitching by making sure that his fingers would not get wet by any chance.

Looking at it, there are still people in the baseball community who enjoy small talk in saunas. KT Wiz manager Lee Kang-chul seems to be a great admirer. He provides life counseling with veteran infielder Park Kyung-soo, and even disclosed that he requires young pitchers to stretch in a hot sauna. “We talk individually to each other if necessary, rather than having a meeting with the entire team,” said Lee Sung-yong, manager of SSG Landers, in a media interview. The coaches’ special coaching space is the sauna, which disarms and cleanses up old emotions. They won’t talk straight here. If so, no one will go when the coaches are in the sauna. I wonder how they talk in a candid way.

Winston Churchill visited the White House to persuade the U.S. to participate in World War II. While taking off his clothes after taking a shower, he was caught naked by U.S. President Roosevelt who came to see him. Churchill did not panic and said, “I and the U.K. have nothing to hide.” It is an episode of the two leaders who built an understanding of the alliance by sharing humanistic friendship in the global historical crisis.

I think it’s a symbol of not covering your body and not covering your mind. This is the premise to be honest.

Kim Jong-moon was a former reporter for the JoongAng Ilbo and served as the front desk of the NC Dinos baseball team from 2011 to 2021. He led the team to the first championship two years later as the head of the “last place” team. He is currently the Korea Coach Association (KPC).

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