I hardly ever do this yet if I'm ground for time, I will certainly blowdry my hair before intertwining. I entwined my sis's hair this weekend break and also she needed to drive back to her city, leaving me just a day to place her mini pigtails in. It took around 6 hrs begin to complete to intertwine her thick, 4b, shoulder size hair.

First she cleared up with Affable hair shampoo. She conditioned with Tresemme Naturals and also washed. From right here I blowdryed as well as detangled with a cream as well as oil as well as entwined the dried out hair huge areas. As soon as all her hair was dried out and also extended, it was time to place in the miniature pigtails.

Below are the actions I advise for blowdrying prior to mini entwining… …

Deep clean hair with clearing up representative. Deep reward and also completely wash tidy. Towel blot the hair to absorb excess water. Disperse a hefty moisturizing leave in equally throughout the hair. Make use of an item to shield the hair from warm. I usually select not to make use of a business warmth protectant item since they probably have components in them that I prefer to not carry my hair. I prevent silicones, alcohols, and so on…… particularly when in tiny pigtails since my hair can not be adequately washed of chemicals and also items. As opposed to utilizing an industrial warmth protectant, I make use of a pure oil rather. There are a number of oil that make great warmth protectants at reduced warm temperature levels because of their smoke factors- ie the temperature level at which they transform from a fluid as well as melt to produce smoke. Grape seed oil is a terrific oil to make use of before warmth designing. I make use of an applicator container to use it near the origins then smooth it throughout utilizing my hands. Area the hair right into at the very least 4 areas and also safeguard each with a braid owner. Job within each of your big areas and also draw smaller sized areas from them. Take regarding a 3″ ″ square quantity of hair as well as start detangling it from the ideas to the origins. I normally utilize just a Denman brand name plastic bristle brush to detangle. Pick the device that's finest for your hair. Establish a blowdryer with a concentrator nozzle to reduced warm as well as high air flow. Hold the hair in your hand with some stress. Factor the clothes dryer at a descending angle while relocating the nozzle backwards and forwards the hair to dry out the area. As soon as the area is completely dry sufficient not to diminish, make use of the Denman brush to additional stretch the hair. Pigtail that area of completely dry hair prior to you proceed to the following area. Keep in mind that the hair does not need to be 100% completely dry, while in big pigtails the hair will certainly remains extended. Repeat the actions for each and every area -- detangle, blowdry on reduced making use of stress, proceed blowdrying with a brush for a little bit even more stretch, then intertwined that area.

When your whole head of hair is blowdried, you prepare to place in small pigtails. Reverse the big pigtails a location at once to component and also mini pigtail.