“Self-care” of a sports athlete seen as a disciplinary action against Na Kyun-an

The Lotte Giants of the professional baseball league has imposed its own disciplinary action on right-handed pitcher Na Gyun-an (26) of 30 games suspended and 40 hours of community service activities. It is a severe disciplinary action. This is due to controversy over work ethic.

In a home game against the KIA Tigers at Sajik Baseball Stadium in Busan on the 25th, Na had seven hits (one homer) and six walks, two strikeouts and eight runs (eight earned runs) during one ⅔ inning. He pitched as many as 83. At the time of the departure, Lotte fans booed at Na, which was unusual. Many applauded encouragingly no matter how bad he was, but he was particularly cold-hearted.

This was due to the fact that Na Kyun-an was at a drinking party until early in the morning. Controversy arose when a fan filmed and posted the scene where he attended a drinking party with his acquaintances somewhere in Busan and posted it on the baseball community. Still, he was the starting pitcher on the day and became the main player in the disaster. Of course, he did not become a losing pitcher. It was a pitch that would not be strange to become a losing pitcher, but the batting line burst like an active volcano at 1-14. The game was tied 15-15.먹튀검증

The disciplinary action against Na was inevitable. Starting pitchers, who are key positions, receive a lot of consideration from their teams and teammates. They also adjust working hours on game days. If you take the mound on an away schedule, you can send them to an away destination a day or two earlier to adjust your condition. In this atmosphere, staying at a drinking party until early morning on the day of the game is a behavior that has problems with work-esque. The rule is that starting pitchers should not drink alcohol just before and after taking the mound.

Former professional baseball legend Sun Dong-yeol used to drink alcohol until early in the morning on the day when he was playing for the Haitai Tigers. Of course, Na Gyun-an was not a legendary figure, and during the 1980s and 1990s when he was playing for the team, episodes related to alcohol by athletes were regarded as useless. The mood is completely different from what it is now.

In addition, Na’s behavior ignores the trust and expectations of the team. Although he has played in 14 games this season with 2-7 losses and a 9.05 ERA, Lotte has consistently guaranteed Na a starting position. He allowed 98 hits and 41 walks in 60 ⅔ innings, with a batting average of 0.364 and an on-base percentage (WHIP) of 2.29, the details are not good.

Having played in 23 games last season, he had impressive performance with six wins and eight losses and an ERA of 3.80, he was selected as the representative of the Hangzhou Asian Games and won a gold medal, which continued his expectation until this season. Ahead of the opening of the season, there were even issues of privacy. Still, Lotte believed in Na Kyun-an. Rather, disciplinary action against him for 30 games could be regarded as light disciplinary action. In other words, Lotte showed a lot of favor to Lotte.

Now is the time to apply stricter standards for self-management of sports players. The club cannot tell adult players to do this, nor can it be monitored 24 hours a day with CCTV. Now, the club’s behavior of ordering players to abstain from alcohol and shave their heads in groups has also become an old-fashioned idea. So, the players’ privacy and deviant behavior should not be converted into a frame of the club’s negligence in player management. Professional players are adults, and they must take responsibility for their own actions. Of course, it is important to establish internal rules within the club. Internal rules must be clear and applied fairly. All professional teams have their own rules. Lotte is the same, and bylaws became the basis for disciplinary action against Na Kyun-an.

The disciplinary action against Na suggests a lot. Lotte has given appropriate disciplinary action that raises alarm over unprofessional behavior of key players in key positions that it had firmly believed so far. This is a strong message to Na. This means that professional and sports players should take good care of themselves on their own.

Na Kyun-an should also feel a lot through this disciplinary action. Professional players have to try and manage themselves after all. In particular, you have to pay more attention to areas that are directly related to performance. The same is true of not only Na, but also other players and athletes in other sports.

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