Many thanks to the success of The Witcher on Netflix, several gamers are either finding CD Projekt's critical RPG The Witcher 3 for the very first time or repeating their duty as Geralt of Rivia in 2020. When trying to take on the Scavenger Search: Lion Institution Equipment side mission in Velen, nonetheless, the journey can deviate for the even worse ought to you discover on your own incapable to accessibility Lornruk lighthouse If you're stuck at this factor in the video game, all you require to do is stick to our The Witcher 3 look the damages of the citadel by the lighthouse unbiased overview and also we'll have you support as well as running in no time at all.

Just how to accessibility Lornruk lighthouse in The Witcher 3


After starting the Scavenger Search: Lion Institution Equipment side mission in The Witcher 3 , you'll at some point reach what seems a standstill. Beside a high cliff is a bridge bring about Lornruk lighthouse, though the lighthouse drawbridge is up and also apparently the location is unattainable therefore. With the work of a little resourcefulness, nonetheless, that's not the situation.

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There are a number of alternatives readily available when it pertains to getting to the lighthouse:

The Witcher 3 exactly how to leap to Lornruk lighthouse

Sprint down the left side of the bridge resulting in the lighthouseWhen nearing completion, drift right in order to leap in the direction of a rough outcrop perfect of the drawbridgeIf done properly, Geralt will certainly order on, whereupon you can climb up the wall surface as well as go into Lornruk lighthouse

If you really did not make the dive, do not stress, as you can likewise access using the water.

The Witcher 3 just how to swim to Lornruk lighthouse

Go down from the bridge or high cliff encounter right into the water as well as browse to the Area of Power on a little island to your rightPass the Area of Power to come back the water, then quickly dive as well as swim to your rightYou ought to have the ability to see an undersea cavern entry, though otherwise it needs to likewise show up on your mini-mapSwim via the cavern and after that climb your means as much as the lighthouse