PursuitLocation: MediahTypes: StoryLevel: 1First pursuit in the chain: - The Last Royal prince of MediahPrevious mission in the chain: - Sarma Anin"s Letter of Referral
- The Last Royal Prince of Mediah
* -Royal prince "s Companion - Sarma Anin "s Letter of Recommendation-Royal Insignia Taken by Shen Begin NPC:-Bareeds III End NPC: - Bareeds III
-- Summary: Bareeds IIIclaimed Neruda Shen isthe single proprietor of the Royal Insignia. He claimed the Insignia is someplace in Neruda Shen" s villa.Neruda Shen acts suspiciously and also chats arrogantly.I put on"t trust fund him.He also swiped the last prize of the Royal Family.How attempt he swipe the Royal Crest!Despite the King being dead and also the Royal Household fell down, as long as I, Bareeds III, online, the Royal family tree will certainly bring on!If any person can return the Mediah Royal Sealwhich Neruda Shen conceals in his rental property to its single proprietor, I assure to compensate that individual kindly when I come to be the King.If you can revive the Royal Seal from Neruda Shen "s rental property, I guarantee to award you when I end up being King.I promise.I will certainly always remember this.Target: Bareeds III-Discover the Royal Seal at Neruda Shen "s Rental property; Offer the Royal Seal to Royal Prince Bareeds III; Obtain expertise: -Mediah Royal Household
SealGive product: Schedule US/DE/FR/ ES Russia Japan Korea SA Taiwan Turkey Thailand Indonesia In growth Please note that Scheduletablejust reveals ifthe existing things applied inthe video game customer ornot. Nevertheless, this thingsmight be constantly handicapped web server side.Quest demands Please loginto include the right place of this things.