17.1 Spaces 1-3

Progression at this moment Total amount Life Heart Parts Siren Cubes Siren Chests Thankfulness Crystals Medals
New in this sectionItems: Dungeon Map

As soon as you get in the dungeon operate on over as well as open up the depository to obtain the Dungeon Map. Right now you'll observe something unusual regarding the map. There is a door to the right however it causes no area in any way. Take a look at the stand below and also you will certainly discover the whole dungeon is a slide problem. The items on this problem represent the spaces in the dungeon. Exactly how you relocate the items will certainly impact exactly how the areas in the dungeon show up. There are 4 areas within the dungeon that have tablet computers where you can change the areas. You are mosting likely to require to take a trip to all 7 of the spaces anyhow, so the order isn't also vital. In the meantime move the ideal item to the bottom-right edge and afterwards glide the center item to the right.



With the areas currently relocated, head with the door to the eastern. Rely on the right and also lower the trees to locate a number of deku baba. Beat them utilizing your sword or a solitary bomb and also advance down the hall. You will certainly discover a bar that you can acquire with the whip. Additionally along you'll see a rope. Send the beetle as well as reduced the rope from the factor where it is connected to the ground. Currently utilize your whip on bench and afterwards turn over to the rope. From the rope, turn over to the step at the opposite side.



You'll locate a skulltula below, so utilize your sword to rotate it around and also beat it. Utilize your clawshots to grapple over to the close-by creeping plants. From there, utilize your clawshots once again to grapple over to the creeping plants on the various other revolving column. From right here you ought to able to get to the target on the neighboring system. There is a Furnix adversary flying about, however it should not provide you way too much trouble. Utilize your whip to draw it over and also beat it if it comes close sufficient.

Resort to the eastern and also you'll discover some Pyrups below which will certainly stop you from turning throughout. Take a couple of go back to make sure that they do not spew fire. Take out your beetle as well as utilize it to get hold of among the bomb blossoms on the close-by revolving column. Make use of these bomb blossoms to beat all 3 of the pyrups. When, the trick is to make use of the bomb blossom on the center opening as it will certainly beat all 3 of them at.


Get on over as well as acquire the hanging rope. Swing over to the system below. Utilize the gust bellows to relocate this system as well as swing over to the various other hanging system. If you would certainly such as, Run on over to the bird statuary and also conserve your condition. At the end of the space you can draw the bar. Each of the spaces in this dungeon, after you have actually addressed the problems the very first time, enable you to open up an entrance as a faster way, in situation you require to backtrack your go back and also forth via formerly resolved spaces. Later on undergo the door to the north to get to the following area.

Go to the left and also pick-up the timeshift orb that is located right here. Lug it eastwards as well as around the bend, staying clear of or beating the technoblins and also sentrobe in the process. Area the timeshift orb right beside the shut entrance, then rise as well as draw the neighboring bar to raise eviction.

Dive pull back and also grab the timeshift orb. Lug it over as well as base on the flooring button. Throw the orb with the opening as well as onto the conveyor belt. Go up the ladder once again as well as go to completion of this hall. Tip on the flooring button and also grab the timeshift orb.

Bring the timeshift orb to the following space as well as drop it on the system with the magnets. Without jumping on the system on your own, utilize the gust bellows on the magnets to relocate the system along the rail. As it is relocating along, action on the flooring button to increase eviction as well as proceed blowing the system. Maintain blowing it throughout of the rail. When it obtains much sufficient along it will certainly expose a blue target on the contrary wall surface. Utilize your acquiesce strike it with an arrowhead and also raise the close-by entrance.

Get the orb as well as bring it to the following area. Draw the bar left wing, opening the faster way for this area. Tip on the flooring button and also throw the orb onto the conveyor belt.

Undergo eviction as well as beat both beamos in this space that trigger because of the timeshift orb. After that, search for over where the orb is as well as you'll locate much more blue targets on the wall surface. Strike the last one in the row as it's the just one that is turned on, then utilize the whip to draw the bar in this space to the left, creating the conveyor belt to turn around and also relocate the timeshift orb back the various other means. While it is relocating, it will certainly trigger the targets in this area, so utilize your weapon to strike the continuing to be 4 as the orb passes.

When all 5 targets have actually been struck, the neighboring entrance will certainly raise and also you'll locate an additional control board to reposition the areas in the dungeon. Adhere to the directions revealed listed below.

Relocate the Top-Middle Area to the Middle.Move the Top-Left Area to the Top.Move the Left Area to the Top-Left. Relocate the Bottom-Left Area to the Left.Move all-time low Area to the Bottom-Left. Relocate the Center Area to the Bottom.Move the Left Area to the Center.

You'll currently have the ability to gain access to 2 brand-new areas in the dungeon. With the brand-new spaces in position, we have some backtracking to do. Fortunately due to the faster ways produced at the end of each space, we do not need to backtrack with any kind of challenges. Go southern an area and after that west a space to get to a brand-new location.

17.2 Spaces 4-5

Progression now Overall Life Heart Parts Siren Cubes Siren Chests Thankfulness Crystals Medals
New in this sectionEnemies: Dreadfuse

When you get to the brand-new location look to the left and also you'll discover some red chuchu. Beat them as well as creep with the little opening. The course to the right is enclosed by a rock so head to the left. You'll discover a bomb blossom right here so fill up on bombs. What you wish to do is roll a bomb via the opening as well as impact up the rock beyond. Creep on with, beat the red chuchu below, and after that make use of the Mogma Mitts to delve underground.

Creep underground as well as struck the red button right here, triggering eviction to relocate. Resurface at the light we got in from and afterwards creep back with the tiny passage. Given that we relocated eviction, we'll currently have the ability to access the following part of this space.

Beat the dark lizalfos that is located right here and after that stroll to the west end of the area. Make use of a bomb on the neighboring bomb sculpture to create it to drop in the lava, exposing a ruby button. We'll be utilizing this in a little bit, yet simply neglect it in the meantime.

Reverse and also base on the little rock right here, encountering northward. You'll see a gusty path below as well as distant there is an additional bomb statuary. What you require to do is roll a bomb, yet angle it to make sure that it adheres to the contours of the ramp as well as lands in the bomb sculpture. As soon as the door opens up, adhere to the course of the bomb you simply rolled down to the ruby button. Once more neglect this in the meantime and also climb up the close-by creeping plants.

Straight in advance you'll see a number of trees as well as if you peer carefully with, there is a bomb blossom beyond. Stroll throughout of this step as well as throw a bomb over, triggering a few of the trees to damage. Currently make use of the beetle to get hold of the bomb as well as damage the staying trees.

You'll discover some trees securing an additional bomb statuary if you transform to the eastern end of the space. What you require to do is get hold of the bomb utilizing the beetle and also drop it to damage the trees. Get hold of one more bomb and also drop it right into the bomb statuary, exposing a 3rd ruby button.

The secret to addressing this challenge is that you need to strike the ruby changes in a correct order. If the order we opened them in is 1, 2, 3, then the order to strike them in is 2, 1, and after that 3. (The one at the end of the ramp you rolled a bomb down, the one on top, and afterwards the one behind the trees.) Striking them in the appropriate order will certainly create a neighboring gateway to open. Get on down as well as head with.

You'll locate one more area below where you can delve underground. Do so as well as you'll locate a bomb blossom right here. There are 2 stones neighboring and also this might be a little bit complicated. You require to initially strike the bomb in the direction of the outside wall surface and after that rapidly run around past the entry to ensure that you can strike it a 2nd time, creating it to explode the rock. (You can hold A to creep much faster, much like running.) Do this and after that creep around to the various other end of the area. Strike heaven button below, creating eviction to return. Go back to the opening and also resurface.

Run past eviction as well as you'll discover yet an additional location where you can delve underground. Do so as well as you'll tackle a set of moldorms. You'll need to beat these pesky complies with so function your means around this location and also strike each of their tails 3 times. Once both moldorms have actually been beat, creep to the various other end of the area as well as resurface.

You'll locate an additional control board below, yet allowed's simply disregard it in the meantime. Rather simply leap and also draw the neighboring bar, opening the faster way for this area. Operate on with and also head north to the following space.

A reproduction of the manager from the Sandship as soon as you arrive you'll be satisfied by Dreadfuse. As soon as again and also it is virtually similar to the fight from the Sandship, the fight is on a slim system. Supply a number of sword slashes to strike him back, assaulting the areas where he is not safeguarding. Dreadfuse will certainly draw the wood spikes behind you better, restricting the fight area. Proceed the fight with Dreadfuse till he has actually been beat.

Utilize the clawshots to make clear the void and also open up the depository right here to obtain a tiny trick. Open up the close-by door and also you'll locate an additional control board below. There are 3 even more areas to go as well as they all have an item of the Triforce. The very first one that we intend to obtain is the Eco-friendly Triforce. That area needs to lie simply over. Revolve all the spaces counterclockwise up until the Eco-friendly Triforce space is simply to your left. Go through as well as get in the following space.

17.3 Spaces 6-8: The Triforce

Progression at this moment Overall Life Heart Parts Siren Cubes Siren Chests Gratefulness Crystals Medals
New in this sectionItems: Triforce of Guts, Triforce of Power, Triforce of Knowledge, Triforce

Work on over along the path below as well as you'll discover a secured door. Utilize the little secret we simply obtained and also head right into the space. There are 2 metal guard moblins around. Your best option is to run in the direction of them as well as leap over them. Lower away at their behind a variety of times. You can obtain sufficient strikes with the master sword so that they do not also totally transform about to fight you if you are fast sufficient. Loss both moblins and also head via the following door.

This space is full of bokoblin archers in the greater locations. When you obtain a possibility, utilize the bow to knock them down. They can be rather aggravating so shot to remain along the border whenever feasible, continuously keeping an eye out for them. Beat heaven bokoblin that are walking this location. There are additionally 2 stalfos below, however with the Master Sword, these opponents can be beat fairly quickly. As soon as and also then relocate away so you aren't damaged by the various other one, strike the stalfos. You can utilize the beetle via the eyes of the head at the top of the space to discover a couple of healing hearts as soon as you have actually beat all the opponents. Advance to the following space.

This area will certainly have a variety of cursed bokoblin along with a stalmaster. I would certainly recommend beat every one of the cursed bokoblin initially. You'll either need to knock each of them down numerous times, or simply knock each down as soon as well as supply a last impact. With all the cursed bokoblin off the beaten track, battle the stalmaster and afterwards head via to the following space.

Propel your sword right into the ground below and after that work on over to gather the Triforce of Guts. Lift and also draw the close-by bar to open up eviction. As soon as again, go back eastern a space and also run over to the control panel.

Relocate the areas counterclockwise to make sure that the space with the Red Triforce lies simply to the west. Leave this location as well as head to the following area with the Triforce.

Stroll to the left and also you'll see a plant with a water light bulb simply above. Prior to striking that, utilize your beetle as well as send it bent on the location in advance. Distant on the right you'll see a ruby button, so strike it with the beetle, creating lava ahead putting out of the statuary. This will certainly serve in simply a minute.

Currently strike the water light bulb to develop a system on the lava and afterwards get on top of it. Flight it ahead, beating the fire keese in the process. At the end of the path, want to the right and also you'll see an additional plant. Strike it with a projectile, creating a system to show up. Dive over to the right as well as arrive on this system.

You will certainly be riding right into a falls of lava, however if you look over you'll locate one more ruby button. Make use of a product to strike this button, creating the lava to quit putting. Flight on onward as well as you can make use of the beetle to order some recuperation hearts on the right. Later on embark on to the walk and also you can draw the bar to open up the neighboring entrance. This produces a faster way to avoid the challenges we have actually done so much.

Prior to you struck the plant right here, send the beetle once more as well as simply around the bend near the top of this location, you will certainly locate an additional ruby button. Strike it to transform the lava circulation. Currently strike the plant to launch a water light bulb right into the lava right here. Dive and also ride it onward, beating the dark keese that are located right here.

Rely on the right and also you'll see one more plant. Strike it with a projectile and after that leap over to this system. Trip along the lava and also you'll see one more system distant, this sometimes skyrocketing in the location because of a lava hot spring. Get on more than as well as come down on this system. Reverse as well as send out the beetle back, striking that very same ruby button once more, transforming the circulation of the lava.

Currently strike the close-by plant to launch a water light bulb. When the system you get on is higher, dive over to the brand-new system that was developed and also ride it along. Beat the cursed spume in the process as well as at the end of this path, make use of the clawshots on the close-by target.

Take out your sword and also drive it right into the symbol on the ground. Operate on over as well as gather the Triforce of Power! Just one even more item to go! Draw the bar to open up the neighboring gateway. Climb up the creeping plants and also run back to the opposite side of the area. Draw the bar right here and after that fall to the flooring listed below. Return with the door and also run over to the control board.

There is just one even more item of Triforce to gather, however you need to be to the left of the space to enter it. The space that is currently simply to the right of your place has doors over as well as to the right. It additionally has a control board of its very own. Revolve the spaces making use of the control board to ensure that this space is simply to the west. Diminish the hall as well as enter this area.

Make use of the control board below as well as turn the spaces around till the last Triforce lies simply to the right. Get in the area.

This area is virtually entirely vacant yet it has a couple of tough challenges to address. If you require them, damage the barrels to the right to obtain some additional arrowheads. Make use of one to beat the electro spume situated close by. Work on over to the appropriate side as well as raise the timeshift orb that is located right here. You can bring it around the space to beat both technoblins and also the sentrobe.

Bring the timeshift orb to the north end of the space as well as drop it versus the wall surface. A collection of columns will certainly occur below, however due to the timeshift, eviction above will certainly be open. Leave the timeshift rock below and also encounter the stand to the various other end of the area. Take out your bow as well as fire an arrowhead at heaven target that you can see throughout the area via the tiny entrance. This will certainly create the neighboring entrance to open up.

Dive pull back and also get the timeshift orb. Bring it with this entrance and also combat the different babas discovered right here. As you continue with the orb, a column will certainly climb from the ground, nearly obstructing the path. Back the orb up a little bit till the column disappears, then proceed onward without the orb. You'll see a flooring turn on the ground below. Base on the flooring button ceramic tile and also a blue target will certainly be exposed at the various other end of the space. Purpose with the follower as well as contend this blue ceramic tile, creating a gateway to climb.

Lug the timeshift orb to the eastern end of the area, simply below where the Triforce item is revealed on your map. 2 neighboring columns must rise, as you'll require these also. Leave the timeshift orb right here and also stumble upon the sand. Make your means over to where the timeshift orb initially remained in this space. Dive over to the columns and after that utilize the clawshots on the close-by target. Because the orb is straight below, you must have the ability to go by eviction right here. Stab your sword right into the ground and afterwards operate on over as well as accumulate the Triforce of Knowledge, the last item of the Triforce.

A cut-scene will certainly occur in which the Triforce will certainly be positioned right into the Siren Statuary, creating the whole statuary to drop to the land listed below, touchdown within the Sealed Premises.

Work on over to the Sealed Premises and also one more cutscene will certainly occur. After a prolonged scene, Web link will certainly need to take a trip via eviction of Time. You can undergo eviction today, however this results in the lasts of the video game consisting of the last 2 manager battles. I would certainly recommend doing it currently if you desire to equip up on remedies or make any type of last upgrades. Head with the Entrance of Time when you are all set.