"Lesson 5: Joseph Smith Obtains the Gold Plates," Main 5: Teaching and also Covenants as well as Church Background (1997 ), 20-- 25


To assist the youngsters comprehend that when we are loyal as well as do our component, Heavenly Papa will certainly aid us.

Prep work

Select the conversation concerns and also enrichment tasks that will certainly include the kids and also ideal aid them accomplish the objective of the lesson.

Replicate the adhering to pictures onto a notepad or the blackboard:


Products required:

A Pearl of Great Rate for each and every kid.

Suggested Lesson Advancement

Welcome a kid to provide the opening petition.

Interest Task

Show the images of the dropped tree, fire place, workshop, and also barrel of beans.

What do these things share?

After the youngsters have actually provided their suggestions, clarify that each of these was utilized by Joseph Smith to conceal the gold plates to maintain them risk-free. Ask the kids to pay attention to the lesson to discover just how Joseph utilized each of these places.

Historic and also scriptural Accounts

Show the kids concerning Joseph Smith getting the gold plates, Moroni's advise to Joseph worrying the security of the gold plates, as well as Joseph's initiatives to safeguard home plates, as defined in Joseph Smith-- Background 1:59-- 61 as well as the adhering to historic account. Utilize the images as well as the map at ideal times.

When the moment had actually come for Joseph Smith to get the gold plates, he obtained an equine and also wagon and also selected his spouse, Emma, to capital Cumorah, where home plates were hidden. Joseph left Emma with the wagon at the end of capital and also climbed up capital alone to satisfy the angel Moroni. Moroni offered Joseph the gold plates. He additionally provided Joseph the Urim and also Thummim as well as a breastplate, devices to assist with the translation of the gold plates.

Moroni advised Joseph that bad males would certainly be looking for a possibility to take home plates and also informed Joseph that he have to do every little thing in his power to maintain them secure (see JS-- H 1:59). Joseph discovered that as quickly as individuals recognized that he had home plates, they attempted to take them away (see JS-- H 1:60). He needed to conceal home plates in lots of areas to maintain them risk-free.

After Joseph and also Emma left capital where home plates had actually been hidden, Joseph quit as well as took home plates right into the timbers. There he discovered a huge dropped tree that was corroded as well as soft within. He cut down the bark of the tree, removed an opening, as well as concealed home plates inside, covering them up once again with the tree bark.

A couple of days later on, while Joseph was functioning a number of miles far from Palmyra, his household found out that some guys were concerning look for the gold plates. Emma quickly rode and also obtained an equine to caution Joseph regarding the guys. Joseph had actually additionally been advised with the Urim and also Thummim that home plates remained in risk. Joseph went back to Palmyra as well as took home plates from the tree, covered them in a bed linen fabric, as well as began for residence with them. He believed it would certainly be more secure to take a trip with the timbers as opposed to when traveling, however in the timbers somebody struck him from behind with a weapon. Joseph tore down the male that struck him as well as fled as rapid as he could. He was assaulted two times much more, however had the ability to get away each time and also bring home plates securely to his residence.

On one more celebration, Joseph found out that a crowd was pertaining to search for home plates. He brought up some rocks before the fire place as well as concealed home plates beneath. As quickly as the rocks were returned right into location, a team of guys came near your house. Joseph as well as his dad as well as bros went out the front door shouting. The crowd assumed that there were several males aiding Joseph as well as fled discouraged.

A couple of days later on Joseph was motivated to take home plates, in addition to the wood box in which he maintained them, from under the fire place rocks. He brought the package nearby to a workshop on the Smith ranch. He took the gold layers out of package, covered them in towel, and also concealed them in the loft space of the store. Then he brought up some floorboards, concealed the vacant wood box under the boards, as well as toenailed the boards pull back. A crowd pursued as well as came for the plates when evening came. The crowd brought up the floorboards as well as located the vacant wood box, however the gold plates continued to be secure where Joseph had actually concealed them in the loft space.

Joseph understood that he would certainly not be able to function on their translation in Palmyra due to the fact that of all the mistreatment as well as the individuals attempting to take the gold plates. Joseph and also Emma made a decision to transfer to Consistency, Pennsylvania, where Emma's moms and dads lived. Joseph was stressed over exactly how to obtain the gold layers securely to Consistency. He placed home plates in a box and also placed package at the end of a barrel. Joseph then loaded the barrel with beans as well as pin down the cover. With the barrel as well as their various other valuables in a wagon, Joseph and also Emma established off for Consistency. Although they were quit along the road and also their wagon was looked by individuals seeking home plates, home plates were not discovered.

Heavenly Daddy aided him maintain the plates risk-free as well as additionally sent out aid in various other means since Joseph did his finest to shield the plates as he had actually been regulated. Component of this aid originated from an effective farmer called Martin Harris, an old good friend of the Smith family members. When Joseph as well as Emma were preparing to transfer to Consistency, Martin Harris concerned Joseph as well as claimed, "Right here, Mr. Smith, is fifty bucks; I provide this to you to do the Lord's collaborate with; no, I offer it to the Lord for his very own job" (priced quote in Lucy Mack Smith, Background of Joseph Smith, p. 118). With this cash Joseph and also Emma had the ability to relocate to Consistency to proceed the Lord's operate in generating guide of Mormon.

Martin Harris remained to aid Joseph Smith in a variety of means. After Joseph as well as Emma relocated to Consistency, Martin went to Joseph there. Joseph had actually duplicated a number of the personalities from the gold plates and also equated several of them. Martin took the personalities and also their translation to Charles Anthon, a teacher of languages in New york city City, and also later on to a Dr. Mitchell.

Show the youngsters concerning Martin Harris's experiences with Teacher Anthon and also Dr. Mitchell, as tape-recorded in Joseph Smith-- Background 1:62-- 65. Assist the kids comprehend that these occasions met a prediction made by the prophet Isaiah (Isaiah 29:11-- 12; see additionally 2 Nephi 27:15-- 20) countless years prior to Joseph Smith's time.

Conversation as well as Application Inquiries

Research the adhering to concerns as well as the bible recommendations as you prepare your lesson. Make use of the inquiries you really feel will certainly best aid the youngsters recognize the bibles as well as use the concepts in their lives. Checking out as well as going over the bibles with the youngsters in course will certainly aid them acquire individual understandings.

What did Joseph Smith do to maintain home plates risk-free? Just how did Joseph understand when and also where to relocate the gold plates to maintain them risk-free? When the plates were in risk, aid the kids recognize that Heavenly Dad aided Joseph recognize. Explain that Joseph did his component and also was loyal to Moroni's caution.

When we have problems or issues, just how can we obtain Heavenly Papa's assistance in resolving them? When you asked for and also got assistance from Heavenly Daddy, share an individual experience. When Heavenly Dad has actually assisted them with their issues, welcome the youngsters to chat regarding times.

Enrichment Activities

You might utilize several of the complying with tasks whenever throughout the lesson or as a recap, obstacle, or testimonial.

Prior to course, create the complying with others or scenarios ideal for the youngsters in your course on different notepads:

You are mosting likely to have an examination at college.

You have actually been asked to lecture in Key.

You are mosting likely to play in a sporting activities occasion.

You have actually simply transferred to a brand-new location and also you wish to make brand-new buddies.

You have had a quarrel with a good friend.

You occasionally battle with a bro or sis.

You are mosting likely to carry out in a program or recital.

You wish to have fun with a pal yet your moms and dads require you to aid in the house.

When we do our component, review with the youngsters exactly how Heavenly Papa will certainly aid us with our problems as well as issues. Compose the complying with on the blackboard:

Hope regarding the trouble or trouble.

Live worthily and also adhere to the promptings of the Spirit.

Do all you can to resolve the issue.

Have each youngster select a paper and also review it to the course. Go over exactly how the youngsters could fix the trouble or trouble making use of the actions created on the blackboard.

Ask the kids to call individuals that aid them daily. Note these individuals on the blackboard. Assist the kids recognize that Heavenly Papa can offer us aid in the kind of pals. When Joseph required aid, Evaluation just how the Lord motivated Martin Harris to assist Joseph Smith. When feasible, review just how essential it is to be a good friend as well as to assist others in demand. Ask the youngsters to share an experience when they required assistance as well as aid was available in the kind of a close friend, or an experience when they had the ability to aid a close friend.

Compose the complying with declarations on different papers:

Each gold plate was 6 inches large and also 8 inches long.

Joseph Smith explained each plate as "not rather so thick as typical tin."

3 rings bound guide of plates with each other.

The entire publication had to do with 6 inches thick.

Home plates had actually little personalities inscribed on them.

A section of guide was secured as well as can not be converted.

Joseph Smith was informed that the closed component would certainly be converted at a future time.

Provide each paper to a kid, and also have the youngsters review the declarations aloud to aid the course participants comprehend what the gold plates resembled (see Background of the Church, 4:537).

Final thought


Bear your testament that Heavenly Dad enjoys each people as well as will certainly aid us as we are loyal and also do our component. Express your recognition for the instance as well as persistance of Joseph Smith as he encountered lots of troubles as well as difficulties in shielding the gold plates.

Suggested Residence Analysis

Recommend that the kids research study Joseph Smith-- Background 1:59-- 60 in your home as a testimonial of this lesson.

Suggested Family Members Sharing

Motivate the youngsters to show to their family members a certain component of the lesson, such as a concern, tale, or task , or to review with their family members the "Suggested House Analysis."