Park Jae-hong, Lee Byung-kyu, Thames, and the record that the sky allowed only three people, and now “Baby Tiger” Kim Do-young is also going

Achieving 20 home runs and 20 steals at the same time in a season means that they are “hot runners.”

In the history of the Korean pro baseball, 20 homers-20 steals have been recorded several times since Kim Seong-han (then Haitai) made 26 homers-32 steals for the first time in 1989. However, only four of them had 20 homers-20 steals in the first half of the season.안전놀이터

And this season, fans are looking forward to achieving their fifth “20 home run – 20 steals in the first half.” KIA Kim Do-young is close to the milestone.

Kim Do-young started the 2024 professional baseball home game against Hanwha at Gwangju-Kia Champions Field on the 21st and hit a two-run home run over the left fence in the bottom of the fourth inning with two outs and a 1-0 lead over Hanwha Jang Si-hwan. Kim Do-young played with one hit, three RBIs, one run and two walks in two at-bats, including a home run, and KIA also won a complete 8-3 victory.

Kim Do-young, who had his first grand slam since his debut on the previous day, added a two-run homer on the day, increasing the number of homers he has for this season to 19. Having already stolen 22 bases, Kim now has only one to 20 homers to 20 steals

The cannon, which had been dormant for a while, has been exploding again recently. After hitting his 16th homerun in the game against Doosan on the 7th, Kim remained silent in seven consecutive games. However, starting with his homerun in the game against KT on the 16th, he has garnered three homers and nine RBIs in the last five games. During that period, his batting average was only 0.222, but his slugging percentage was excellent at 0.667.

With only one homerun left in his 20th career, Kim is about to set a new record of 20 homers and 20 steals. That is also the 20 homers and 20 steals that he will achieve in the first half.

In the history of Korean pro baseball, there have been a total of four cases where 20 homers-20 steals in the first half of the season. Park Jae-hong recorded it twice in 1996 (22 homers-23 steals) and in 2000 (25 homers-22 steals), while Lee Byung-kyu (23 homers-21 steals) in 1999 and Eric Thames (28 homers-22 steals) in 2015 also achieved 20 homers-20 steals in the first half. If Kim Do-young achieves it this time, he will be the fifth player in the history of Haitai-KIA to achieve it this time. KIA still has more than 10 games left in the first half of the season. “Baby tiger” is now aiming for a great achievement.

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