“Only Sajik is left.” The era of ‘high-tech domed stadiums’ will finally open in Seoul → Alternative baseball stadiums have also been confirmed

Finally, the era of high-tech domed stadiums is set to open in Jamsil, Seoul. Now, only the Sajik Baseball Stadium reconstruction project is left in the professional baseball league.고소득알바

The Seoul Metropolitan Government announced on the 9th that it has finally decided to use Jamsil Main Stadium as an alternative baseball stadium for about five years while construction of Jamsil Dome Stadium is underway.

In September last year, the Seoul Metropolitan Government announced a plan to build a new high-tech dome stadium in the place of the existing Jamsil Baseball Stadium as part of its combined development project for Jamsil Sports and MICE. However, the city agonized over whether to select an alternative stadium for the LG Twins and Doosan Bears during the construction period. The baseball community once mentioned Gocheok Sky Dome and Mokdong Baseball Stadium.

To address the issue, the Seoul Metropolitan Government, the Korea Baseball Organization, and LG and Doosan held a total of five integrated consultative body meetings from October last year to July this year. Through on-site inspections and working-level consultations, they made efforts to prepare alternative baseball stadiums. In particular, when Jamsil Main Stadium is used as an alternative baseball stadium, the government focused on stability of visitors’ movements and capacity of visitors due to construction conditions.

As the baseball community wishes, Jamsil Main Stadium has been confirmed as an alternative venue. The Seoul Metropolitan Government said it has decided to use Jamsil Main Stadium as an alternative venue to reflect the baseball community’s requests. “The Jamsil Main Stadium will be used as an alternative venue during the construction of the dome, but we will focus on the convenience of visitors as the term is too temporary,” Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon said. “The construction of Jamsil Main Stadium, which can meet the expectations of baseball fans, will also be carried out quickly and safely along with the Jamsil Sports and Mice Complex Development Project.”

The baseball community is very welcome. “We sincerely thank all those involved in the effort to resolve difficult interests and challenges around the Seoul Metropolitan Government on behalf of the baseball community,” KBO President Koo Hu-yeon said. “The KBO will do its best to create a safe and pleasant viewing environment for baseball fans by cooperating with the club, the Seoul Metropolitan Government and all related organizations.”

LG and Doosan will play in Jamsil Baseball Stadium not only this season, but also through the 2025 and 2026 seasons. They will then play in Jamsil Main Stadium for a total of five seasons from 2027 to 2031. “The team will concentrate all its capabilities on the safety and comfortable viewing of fans during the use of the substitute stadium,” LG Twins CEO Kim In-seok said. “We would like to express our gratitude to the Seoul Metropolitan Government and Mayor Oh Se-hoon for making efforts to develop professional baseball along with the construction of Jamsil Dome Stadium.” “We will do our best to help baseball fans enjoy the most popular sports in Korea safely and comfortably during the period when we use the substitute stadium,” Doosan Bears CEO Ko Young-seop said. “We would like to thank Mayor Oh Se-hoon and Seoul City officials for their efforts in deciding on an alternative stadium from the start of the construction of the new stadium.”

Jamsil Main Stadium, which was formerly primarily used as a soccer field, will turn into a baseball field. “The soccer field and track and field will be replaced with a professional baseball field in accordance with the KBO manual,” the Seoul Metropolitan Government said. Some indoor spaces will be remodeled as dugouts and player support areas. The size of the stadium’s spectatorship has also been confirmed. The Seoul Metropolitan Government said that the current Jamsil Baseball Stadium will accommodate up to 23,750 seats. However, on the condition of ensuring safety, the stadium will open up to 18,000 seats in major events such as the post season. However, there are still challenges such as securing parking spaces.

Now that Jamsil Baseball Stadium has been replaced, attention is focusing on other baseball stadiums in other regions as well. The Kiwoom Heroes are already using the Gocheok Sky Dome as their home stadium. SSG Landers will build a dome stadium in Cheongna, Incheon. It aims to open in 2028, and it is a multi-stadium with 21,000 seats. KT Wiz uses KT Wiz Park as its home stadium. KIA will have Gwangju-KIA Champions Field that opened in 2014, Samsung Lions Park in Daegu that opened in 2016, and NC will have Changwon NC Park that opened in 2019. All of them boast state-of-the-art facilities. On top of that, Hanwha will also leave the Eagles Park next year to welcome home fans at its new stadium.

However, the problem of a new baseball stadium in Busan, Lotte’s home stadium, is still sluggish. Since its construction in October 1985, Sajik Baseball Stadium has established itself as a sacred place for Busan as a “construction” city. Of course, every election season, the story of a new baseball stadium in Busan heats up. Prospective candidates make pledges related to new baseball stadiums such as domed stadiums, but they have not made much progress after the election. If a new baseball stadium is built at the site of Sajik Baseball Stadium, an alternative baseball stadium should be decided first, just like this Jamsil Main Stadium. However, there is no definite story yet.

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