I bear in mind listening to the subject title in a rap track (can not keep in mind which, could be Eminem), as well as there appear to be flicks called hereafter pattern: 2 For the cash with Al Pacino as well as One For the cash , a forthcoming funny.

Urban Thesaurus does not appear to recognize this expression, neither does dict.cc provide an appropriate translation.

What does it imply and also where does it originate from?



My perception is that

One for the cash. 2 for the program. 3 to make prepared. As well as 4 to go.

(or" 3 to prepare in modern livingdazed.com) is something that kids claim when they begin a race (the running beginning on "go"). Anyhow, it"s shows up in this 1872 publication, (it"s not a race below, however FumbleFingers has actually located an additional 1872 citation where it is utilized for a race).

I would certainly presume that "the cash" describes the reward for winning, and also "the program" to the phenomenon of the race. Typically, a kids"s race won"t have either of these (unlike, state a specialist competition), however it doesn"t pain to act.


I initially heard it in Blue Suede Shoes composed by Carl Perkins in 1955 (years prior to Eminem was also birthed), as well as popularised by Elvis Presley a year later on. Yet all credit rating to
Peter Shor for explaining that it was around a long time prior to that. I located a various circumstances to Peter, yet they"re both from 1872.

Perhaps it"s an insinuation to the suggestion that the entertainer makes one (the initial) initiative since he"s earning money for it, and also 2 Due to the fact that he simply suches as carrying out, (the secondly). Or maybe it"s one for the entertainer"s cash , and also 2 for the share mosting likely to the place Afterwards it"s simply counting in to the beginning of the primary activity.

It was initially 3 to make prepared , yet that seems a little bit outdated to our ears. Today it"s usually 3 to prepare yourself with the exception of the title of an episode in the 60s television collection My Fave Martian.



The Oxford Thesaurus of Baby Room Rhymes as well as The Expression Finder point out a competition rhyme that is most likely the resource of the expression. In steed auto racing, the champions are described:


The noninclusion of "location" is kept in mind in The Expression Finder. This is most likely artistic license, to make a brief rhyme, utilized to begin a race or occasion.

Exerpt from The Expression Finder message:

In "The Annotated Mommy Goose" p 259 the complying with rhyme is consisted of:

One to make prepared

And also 2 to prepare

best of luck to the cyclist

As well as away goes the mare.

In 'Blue Suede Footwear', Elvis Presley sang:

Well, it"s one for the cash,/ 2 for the program,/ 3 to prepare,/ Currently go, pet cat, go.

I'm uncertain it indicates significantly in any way.

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