In Currently You See Me 2, Daniel Atlas (Jesse Eisenberg) does a technique - he makes the rainfall beads quit mid-air. He then continues to make the rainfall goes down rise (i.e. versus gravity). Lastly, he makes the beads relocate a number of various directions.At completion of his

act, he states that the technique was executed utilizing the strobe lights and also rainfall devices set up close by. Offered this declaration, exists a possible description for just how he completed the technique? In some way. It functions small in regulated setting, it is displayed in the Macao method store. There it is a tiny box.You require a regulated regularity of decreases and also a synchronised strobe. You wear"t see the exact same decline lit relocating upwards yet the following decline a little bit over the last one so it appears that it relocates upwards.I question it is feasible to recreate it massive as received the film. The result is called"Levitating Water". There are a great deal of YouTube video clips revealing