Investor Device

The Investor Device is very useful to any kind of effective seafaring seller. Those that absolutely recognize its usages are predestined for treasures.


Select amongst the possible suits (Blue backgrounded boxes) with a left computer mouse clickFor the chosen product you"ll seeWeight - some products are also hefty to suit the tiniest vessels also when the hold is emptyCommodity Course or Courses - "imported" items have a tendency to bring much better costs than "residential" French Languedoc Violins usually bring far better rates in a British port than Suffolk Cheese

Range Slider

Make use of the hassle-free range slider it"s feasible to limit the ports presented based upon the range you"re ready to take a trip.

Sortable Columns


Kind (coming down or rising) by:

Port NameA - Schedule of that asset

One of the most likely areas to begin trying to find an excellent. Once more, this is NOT upgraded in genuine time.There will certainly be a dot in this column if the port store has any type of on-hand. Strangely, offer agreements are not shown as getting on hand. This has actually been reported to the video game programmers as an insect.

P - Ports able to create that product

If you desire to start creating this excellent on your own [these are additionally prospective areas to develop a station [/p> C - Ports that routinely take in that commodityDistance

The range in maritime miles from your existing area


The rate they will certainly pay you if you"re marketing.

Dual click this column heading and also the most effective Cost you"ll have the ability to obtain for marketing this great need to get on topBuy

The rate you will certainly pay them if you"re acquiring.

Situate Port

Click the handbag to concentrate the map on any type of port you pick

Finding the closest resource of a great

While schedule is not upgraded in genuine time, is feasible to situate the closest most likely resource of a great:

Look for the great with the slider right to the rightClick on the A column to ensure that all ports with the excellent readily available are arranged to the topSlide the range slider to the left till just one port has the dot in the a column. That"s your closest resource

Recognizing a great prospective freight

Select an asset that your existing port (or a neighboring port) carries hand. Resources cities have a tendency to be "sinks" or huge customers. It"s typically best to leave the resources city vacant and also intend on reviving a complete hold.The most appealing assets often tend to be those that are: Lightweight - even more of them will certainly fit on your ship with much less thrown away spaceNot belonging to your following port of phone call e.g. French products cost a costs in British ports while British items have a tendency to cost a costs in neutral ports with a great deal of French profession.

Arrange the port checklist rising on Acquire cost. The leading entrance is the least you can anticipate to spend for that excellent. Emotionally get rid of any kind of ports that are as well far-off or are restricted to you because of your nationality.Sort the Port listing Coming down on Offer cost. The leading entrance is one of the most you can want to obtain for that excellent. Once more, get rid of the non-viable ports.Decide if the distinction in between both rates suffices to make the journey rewarding.

ExampleAssume that I"ve cruised to the neutral port Sant Iago as well as my following organized Port of Phone call is Kingston/Port Royale.The port has Arctic Fox Pelts, Cheshire Cheese, Dutch Laudnum, and also Sumatran Pepper offered to buy.Using the Investor Device I have actually done the adhering to estimations (really the spread sheet I established did)The Dutch Narcotic would plainly be the very best freight to return with CommodityWeightQuantity/HoldCapacitySellPriceBuypriceRequiredInvestmentProfitPercentageReturn
Arctic Fox Pelt 144 0 3522 10722 30414 0 N/A
Cheshire Cheese 6.45 21 282 266 5922 -336 -5.67%
Dutch Narcotic 16 8 3522 699 5592 22584 403.86%
Sumatran Pepper 4.3 658 219 32 7008 14048 200.46%

Utilizing the Investor Device to Discover on your own


It"s feasible to obtain an approximate solution utilizing the trading device.

Get in any type of commoditySort the listing in rising order by distanceLook at the 3 local ports You remain in a triangular developed by the threeGiven the family member range you ought to have the ability to exercise an approximate setting