Na Kyun-an missed 30G → ‘opportunity’ for someone…Lotte, is there a player who will come out

Things have happened. Lotte is also a blow. Suddenly, the starting lineup has a hole in it. Na Kyun-an (26) was given disciplinary action and thus was excluded. On the contrary, it is an opportunity for someone. The key is whether there is a player who can stand out.안전놀이터

On the eve of taking the mound, Na caused controversy by attending drinking parties. She was also sluggish in the game. At the match against Kia on Saturday, the team collapsed by allowing eight runs in 1.2 innings. The Lotte Giants on Monday suspended Na from 30 games and disciplined her for 40 hours in community service activities.

Lotte’s anger can be seen in this part. The problem is the current situation. Despite his poor performance, he took a spot in the starting rotation. Suddenly, he was out of control.

He ranks eighth with a 5.16 ERA in this season’s starting lineup. He is already lacking in starting lineup. Except for Wilkerson, no player gives credence to him. He is a lonely ace.

Se-woong Park is also close to displaying intermittent quality pitching in his cool-headed judgment. He has six wins and six losses and an earned run average of 5.00 in this season. In the match against KIA on Tuesday last week, he pitched well, allowing one run in six innings. He needs to continue to show performance.

The third to fifth starters are a concern. Barnes is available in the second half. He gives a lot of strength to his players. He has no choice but to not be able to use them immediately. If it is comforting to use them at the end of the first half, it is comforting. Kim Jin-wook was fine, but he has slowed down in two recent games.

It’s even more confusing because Na Kyun-an is missing in this situation. Simply put, a pitcher with 2-7 losses and a 9.05 ERA is missing. It may not be a hit. However, it is certain that there is a hole.

Anyone has to fill this position. Han Hyun-hee, who switched to the bullpen after starting the game, is being used as a starter again. As such, the bullpen becomes loose. Han’s ERA in the bullpen this season is 2.81. He is strong. Even if Barnes comes in in the second half of the year, what he lacks is the same.

The batters are displaying good pace these days. He has garnered more than 10 points three times in the last five games. The bullpen is also strengthening, centering on Kim Won-joong. It is not an exaggeration to say that he only needs to start the season, but he cannot play this way throughout the season.

“We cannot have bullpen day every time. No matter who wins the game, we have to play.” Players are not necessarily absent. Young fire bowler Lee Min-seok showed potential as a starter, and rookie Jung Hyun-soo made his debut as a starter in this year’s second round. Hong Min-ki, who was given a chance as a starting pitcher in the first division, is also playing in the rotation as a starting pitcher for the Futures Leagu

They will compete for first place in June’s winning percentage. Thanks to them, they have come up a lot. Now I see the fifth place. It looked difficult, but they got closer. That’s why the starter is more important. It would have been nice if Na Kyun-an had a good pitching march. Anyway, things happened.

It is hard to predict yet. It has potential but no performance. For Lotte, it is best if it comes out of nowhere. If not, just hang in there. Who is the pitcher who will take the opportunity.

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