May slump → 8G consecutive scoreless streak reversal… The secret of the KIA special set-up man is his weight?

Jeon Sang-hyun (28), Kia’s solid setup man and one of the most underrated bullpen pitchers in the league, has performed jaggedly this season. He got off to a fantastic start, was suddenly sluggish, and has regained stability in recent years. Although he cannot play the entire season in 100% condition, he has had quite a lot of leaping.유흥알바

He got off to a good start as he allowed no runs in the first six games of this season. He seemed to be maintaining the pace of his stellar performance in 64 games last year, with eight wins, three losses, one save and 13 holds, with an ERA of 2.15. However, he lost consecutive points in late April, and started to display pitches that were different from Jeon’s. Overall performance was not good from late April to mid-May. A set-up man can fail even if he allows one point a day, but there were a number of games in which he allowed two to three runs.

In fact, from April 19 to May 16, Jeon lost a total of 11 runs in eight games, showing an extreme slump with an ERA of 17.47. This was one of the reasons why Jeon, who usually played to protect his team’s victory in the seventh to eighth innings, started to play at other times. He did not have major problems such as injury. His ball power dropped. He lacked physical strength.

“Jeon lost nearly 7 kilograms of weight at a certain time when he started the season after losing weight,” a source at the KIA team said. The sudden change in weight affected his ball power. “I had no appetite for no specific reason,” Jeon said, recalling the time, adding, “I didn’t know when I was throwing. However, looking back, it seems that the ball was weak.”

Jeon Sang-hyun does not throw fast balls over 150 kilometers per hour, but he is a player who is competitive enough with balls in the mid and late 140 kilometers. He has the best vertical movement in the league and has a good tip of the ball. He also has enough capabilities in control and decisive ball. He did not grow into a bullpen pitcher with a two-point ERA for no reason. However, as the most fundamental fastball pitch fell, everything was twisted. This was why the overall performance was poor, with more homers and consecutive hits.

He lost his appetite for no reason, and lost weight for no reason. However, it was fortunate that it was not an injury or a technical problem. Many expected that when he regained his physical condition, he would find normal performance. And as expected, Jeon is finding his trajectory. Jeon, who paid special attention to his physical condition, said, “I am gaining weight again.” As he gained weight, his performance returned to normal as if when. It’s strange, but the world of athletes is like that.

Jeon has allowed just one run in 10 games since May 22. He has allowed no runs in the last eight games. During this period, he allowed only four hits and no walks in 10 ⅓ innings. On the contrary, he allowed seven strikeouts. Heavy fastballs have started to put pressure on opponents again. Recently, he has returned as a setup man responsible for one inning, accelerating the pace of his hold.

Kia has not displayed as much bullpen power as it had expected in the early days of this season. Only the closing pitcher Jung Hae-young performed relatively steadily, while the rest of the players suffered ups and downs. For this reason, come-from-behind defeats are becoming more frequent. In June, Kia only had two wins and three losses in five games in which it scored the first try. The number of come-from-behind defeats is also four, the largest number among the 10 teams in June. As the team is in a difficult time, it is necessary to secure games to catch and someone must stand the path to the closing pitcher Jung Hae-young. The fact that Jeon Sang-hyun’s performance has just arrived can be a source of comfort for him. As he experienced ups and downs once, we can expect him to display consistent ball power going forward.

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