Lotte’s ’14 hits, 11 runs scored, and failed’ Lotte’s 4th consecutive win, and the leading KIA’s 32 runs… collapsed disastrously

Lotte Giants defeated KIA 11-2 at home in Busan and won four consecutive games.

The KIA mound, which failed to maintain its 14-1 absolute advantage on the first day of the three consecutive games and remained in a 15-15 draw, collapsed disastrously after allowing six runs on the 26th and 11 runs on the same day in three consecutive games.여우알바

KIA has been bogged down for six consecutive losses at Sajik Stadium in Busan, and was also inferior to Lotte this season with three wins, one draw and seven losses.

KIA scored one run first with Na Sung-bum’s double to left-center in the fourth inning, 0-0, but Lotte scored five runs in the bottom of the fourth inning and turned the game around at once.

Na Seung-yeop, who was welcomed by his colleague after swinging hard with three hits and two RBIs
After Na Seung-yeop’s right-center double tied the game 1-1, Choi Hang’s timely turnaround came out with two outs and third base.

Since then, three batters, Park Seung-wook, Son Sung-bin and Hwang Sung-bin, have hit consecutive doubles, widening the gap to 5-1.

Lotte added two more runs in the fifth inning with Na Seung-yeop’s double and Choi Hang’s triple, and in the sixth inning, Jeon Joon-woo’s two-run double to left-center, Victor Reyes’ double to center field, Na Seung-yeop’s hit, and Jung Hoon’s sacrifice fly earned KIA’s white flag.

No. 5 Na Seung-yeop and No. 7 Choi Hang flew by harvesting two RBIs for three hits side by side.

Lotte starter Park Se-woong broke his three-game losing streak with one run in six innings and won six games of the season.

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