Lotte, come from behind to win… Go Seungmin who caught a tiger for two days in a row

Lotte beat the KIA Tigers 6-4 in the 2024 Shinhan SOL Bank KBO League home game at Sajik Stadium in Busan on the 26th.

After losing 1-14 to KIA the previous day, it turned around 15-14 and allowed a tie again to draw 15-15, but Lotte, which once showed the potential to overturn the 13-point gap, made a thrilling come-from-behind victory.메이저놀이터

As a result, Lotte has recorded six wins, three losses and one draw against KIA this season. Notably, the team showed an extremely strong performance with four wins and one draw at home, emerging as a “tiger’s natural enemy.”

Lotte turned the tables by 13 points the day before… It’s about 3 points

Lotte got off to a shaky start as its starting pitcher Kim Jin-wook collapsed. It was hit by a timely hit by KIA Na Sung-bum in the first inning, and was pulled to 0-3 in the second inning, allowing two more runs due to Socrates Brito’s solo home run and Kim Do-young’s timely hit.

Lotte threw a game-winner, putting in Kim Jin-woong early in 3.2 innings and putting in Han Hyun-hee. Han Hyun-hee gave up one run with a wild pitch as if she was not fully warmed up, but then regained stability and blocked the KIA lineup until the sixth inning, laying the groundwork for a reversal.

Lotte, where Jung Hoon hit a solo home run to the left in the second inning, chased 2-4 with Yoon Dong-hee hitting an RBI timely hit in the fifth inning.

Then came the seventh inning of promise. With pinch hitter Choi Hang’s hit and Hwang Seong-bin’s walk, Lotte created a chance with runners at the first and third bases with one out, tying the game with Go Seung-min’s infield hit and Victor Reyes’ double. With the bases loaded, Na Seung-yup’s sacrifice fly made the game come to an end with 5-4.

Lotte, which was in the mood, added one more run with Hwang Sung-bin’s sacrifice fly in the eighth inning, confident of its victory. In the bullpen, Jin Hae-soo and Kim Sang-gu pitched one inning after another, and in the ninth inning, closer Kim Won-joong took the mound to secure the victory.

On the other hand, KIA’s foreign starter Cam Aldred pitched hard with two runs in six innings, but missed another victory as the bullpen collapsed.

A grand slam and a hustle play… Lotte’s “Solver” Go Seungmin

At the center of Lotte’s come-from-behind drama over the past two days is Ko Seung-min. In the previous day’s game, Ko hit a grand slam off KIA starter James Nail, creating a chasing atmosphere, and hit a timely two-run homer to tie the game at 14-14.

He also had three hits on the day, spearheading Lotte’s lineup. Notably, he hit a slow grounder in the seventh inning, but sprinted to the first base and threw his body relentlessly, generating infield hits that Lotte followed by 3-4 with one point difference.

Ko Seung-min, who joined Lotte after being drafted in the first round of the second round of the 2019 rookie draft, drew attention as a mid- to long-distance hitter who proved his skills on the high school stage.

He joined the military after failing to show much performance, but he grew fast in 2022 with a batting average of 0.316 with five homers and 30 RBIs. However, after slumping with a batting average of 0.224 in 2023, he had a hard time this season as well. After the season opened, he was notified of his move to the second division as he was sluggish with a batting average of 0.166 in eight games. After returning from reorganization, Ko saw his batting average rise sharply from May to June, and his batting average for this season already exceeded 30 percent.

With a batting average of 0.316 with six homers and 43 runs scored as of this season, Ko has already surpassed his previous record of homeruns and RBIs in 2002. He has shifted positions in the defense as well, but has now become the starting second baseman.

Lotte fans, who are thirsty for fall baseball, are hoping that Ko Seung-min, who is blooming his talent in his fifth year as a professional, will raise his team’s ranking as well as his personal performance.

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