“Let’s try it”… Master was surprised, and the veteran coach Baek was also strongly recommended, and Lotte got the second baseman of the “League’s Top Level.”

As the professional baseball team Lotte Giants entered this season, the biggest concern was who would fill the second baseman’s position. An Chi-hong, who had been in charge of the second base position for the past four years, left last winter when he signed a 4+2 year contract with Hanwha for up to 7.2 billion won as he acquired his second free agent (FA). As the main second baseman’s position became vacant, Lotte tried every option. In the second draft, Oh Sun-jin recruited Choi Hang to fill the second baseman’s depth, and just before the spring camp, he brought FA infielder Kim Min-sung to sign and trade, expanding the available resources for infielders.

However, he had a hard time finding his main second baseman. Until the spring camp and exhibition games, he failed to select anyone, and Oh Sun-jin took the lead in the opening game. However, Park Seung-wook and Choi Hang took turns at the second base, and Son Ho-young, who joined the team through trade, also played as a second baseman. However, cracks were encountered in various parts of the infield, and existing players were busy checking infield.업소알바

In the end, he chose to take chances with coach Kim Tae-hyung and the coaching staff. He started giving another chance to Ko, who had been trained as a second baseman during the closing camp and the spring camp.

In fact, he was not trusted by other second baseman resources. He joined the team as a second baseman, but returned after playing various positions including the outfield and first base. However, due to Kim Min-seok’s injury, he played in the left field in the opening game.

However, when the team had to readjust its batting form to correct its batting form, Lotte decided to let Ko play second base. Since returning to the first division on Apr. 26, Ko has played second base in all but 10 of the 48 games his team has played.

Kim Min-ho, the “defensive trainer,” also confirmed the possibility and said, “I won’t give up,” helping Ko Seung-min settle down as a second baseman. Then entering the season, Kim Tae-hyung watched veteran coach Kim Kwang-soo, who is well-known as a defensive master, and Ko Seung-min as a second baseman. Kim asked Kim Kwang-soo for his opinion, and Kim replied, “Let’s try it.”

Manager Kim Tae-hyung said, “Actually, I couldn’t come up with an alternative even though I thought hard about it. Still, coach Kim Kwang-soo is not good at watching. I asked him what he thought, and he said, ‘Let’s try it.'” He also said, “In my opinion, it is almost like a top-class defense in 10 clubs. Didn’t you see what he is doing now?” and explained the behind-the-scenes story of how he settled down Ko Seung-min as a second baseman.

“He showed good body movement at second base. There is no difference between second basemen of other teams,” he said. “But he is also batting well. I didn’t know he would be that good. He is getting more valuable as a second basemen.”

At the match against Kia Tigers on Wednesday, he displayed impressive play worthy of praise from manager Kim Tae-hyung. With runners at the first base with one out in the fifth inning when his team was losing 1-4, Socrates’ 1-2 base caught a ball that went deep, turned around, and gave an out to the second base, succeeding in a highly difficult play. Lotte, which erased its top scorer, allowed no run in the fifth inning, and one run in the fifth inning, and three runs in the seventh inning to complete its 6-4 come-from-behind victory. Ko had three hits, one RBI, and one run from four times at bat on the day, and created an infield hit to the second baseman who trailed 3-4 in the seventh inning.

Currently, Ko Seung-min has a batting average of 316 percent (68 hits in 215 times at bat), six homers, 43 RBIs, 40 runs scored, and an OPS of .860. Lotte, which had been thirsty for an infielder to foster itself, has gained momentum in its future club management by settling at second base. Moreover, it has already resolved its military service.

“Did the coach say that?” Ko was surprised at Kim Tae-hyung’s glowing review. “I think the second baseman position is attractive. I don’t think what the coach said is right, but I think he is doing well,” he said. “I don’t care too much if he goes out to the field or other positions. I think defense is defense and attack is attack. I am ready to go out to any position because it is good to go out to any position.”

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