‘Last October’s general manager → president unanimously’ All-Star break shortened, why now there are complaints

KBO (Korea Baseball Organization) released a press release on October 29 last year and announced, “The opening day of the 2024 season is March 23, a double header will be implemented, and the All-Star break will be shortened from 7 days to 4 days.”

In October last year, the KBO executive committee (a meeting of heads of 10 teams) held related discussions for the first time. Last year, the KBO League had a whopping 72 canceled games. The number was up nearly 70 percent from the 42 games played in the 2022 season. The regular season schedule, which opened on April 1, did not end until October 17, and the postseason schedule began on October 19 and the Korean Series ended on November 13.

There were criticisms that baseball seasons are getting too long. As the number of days of heavy rains increases due to extreme weather conditions, many cancellation variables put pressure on the schedule for the remaining games. The problem is the schedule of the national team. The World Baseball Classic (WBC) team was formed in March last year, and the Asian Professional Baseball Championship (APBC) was scheduled in November. APBC played its first game on Nov. 16, three days after the Korean Series.

This year, the national team will play its first Premier 12 match on November 13th. This schedule cannot be ignored, as all key players of the national team are selected from the KBO League. It was the best measure to manage the injuries and physical strength of the national team players.

The executive committee gathered internal opinions from the clubs and unanimously put the agenda on the board of directors, and the current schedule was confirmed as the board of directors, the presidents of 10 clubs, unanimously passed it without disagreement. The shortening of the All-Star break period was never decided by KBO or certain one or two clubs.안전놀이터

However, when the first half of the season is about to hit the halfway mark, complaints from the field have erupted. “All the coaches are unhappy that the All-Star break is only four days away. No coach has heard about it in advance. We decided without listening to opinions from the field. This agenda will be included in the All-Star Game coaches’ meeting,” he said. “We will start the game immediately after the All-Star Game. I will tell them not to overdo it even if they leave.”

Scenery of Sajik Stadium in Busan where the All-Star Game was held last year. Sports Chosun DB
In fact, many baseball players agreed that the four-day All-Star break was short. Of course, players do. Especially players who are participating in the All-Star Game, they have to keep playing without taking a proper rest.

However, while deciding on shortening the schedule in October last year, opinions from the clubs were clearly gathered first. The decision was made by the heads of each club in consideration of the situation at the site. At last year’s executive committee, some heads said, “Most clubs continue to engage in their own training or practice matches even if they take a break for seven days anyway. I don’t think it’s okay to shorten the schedule.”

Of course, the All-Star break period can be discussed again as much as possible. This year, we will have a four-day break, but if we discuss it again, there is a possibility that a seven-day break will be introduced from next year. There is no international competition scheduled next year, and the WBC in March 2026 and the Asian Games in September are scheduled, so coordination from a long-term perspective is needed.

However, at a time when fans’ interest in the All-Star Game is hot, it is regrettable that the stadium is flooded with complaints. This year’s All-Star fan vote recorded the highest number of votes ever, and baseball stadiums are running toward a new audience record with sold-out games every day. The popularity of the KBO League, which had been drawing a downward graph for a while, is soaring again and is on its way to its peak.

However, in this situation, fans who have voted hard are bound to feel disappointed when there are talks of “lack of rest for players” and “who will tell them to go to the All-Star Game and work hard?”

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