Jamsil Jesus, who responded with tears and a full envelope to the cheers of LG fans, promised to revive

“Perfect” went up in smoke, but he pitched a pitch that could have great significance. He is Casey Kelly (35), an LG ace who predicted a rebound after just passing the halfway point.유흥알바

At a game against Samsung in Jamsil on Saturday, Kelly pitched nine innings of one hit, no walks, three strikeouts and no runs. He pitched a total of 102 pitches and struck out three. He marked his fourth win of this season. It was his second shutout in his career and second shutout in the KBO league this season.

It was almost a perfect pitch. On the day, Kelly consistently pitched fastballs at the late 140 kilometers per hour. He also had strength in the ball in the ninth inning. As the four-seam powerfully entered the catcher’s meet, his slider curve change-up forkball created a synergy effect. The maximum speed of his four-seam speed is 149 kilometers. He is the fastest pitcher this season since the game against Doosan Bears in Jamsil on June 1.

LG came out of the jinx on Tuesday after beating Samsung 4-0. Prior to the game, the team had three wins and 10 losses on Tuesday, which was its fourth win on Tuesday. Kelly set a record against at least 27 batters for a one-hit shutout. The previous record was Yang’s one-hit shutout against 28 batters in 2015.

The following is an interview with Kelly and reporters after the game.

Q: I showed tears during a broadcast interview. What do you mean by tears?

The fans of the 8th and 9th episodes gave us a lot of support. I felt that energy and was able to throw it well today through the energy I received. I saw the fans again during the broadcast interview, and I think I cried because I was touched by their energy. I think everyone was surprised by the sudden tears, but I cried without realizing it.

Q: What did you think when you took the mound in the ninth inning with only one inning left until perfect?

I tried not to think about anything else. Rather than trying to catch three outs quickly, I tried to focus on each ball by catching one out each. I always saw that I tried to do more in this situation but failed. So I just tried to pitch quickly while thinking about it throughout the game. I threw while paying attention to maintaining a good feeling.

LG Casey Kelly enters the new inning against Samsung in Jamsil on the 25th. Photo | LG Twins

Q: I think you must have felt sorry when you got a hit in the ninth inning. What did Park Dong-won say when he came up right away?

Park Dong-won said, “It’s too bad that we’re close to perfect. But you did a great job. Let’s finish it.” It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and I built up for this moment for a long time, but it felt like it was collapsing. Still, Park made me focus again. I’m grateful that Park helped me get a shutout.

Q: What was the hit ball?

It was a changeup. I thought it went in well, but the opponent hit it well. I think it’s something that happens in baseball, which can happen or can’t happen.

-The way the perfect was broken and he greeted first base was also impressive.

I thought the fans must have had high expectations. Still, they applauded. I wanted to thank them for this, so I said thank you.

-In the match against Doosan on June 1, his ball speed came out as well as today. The game with ball power is coming out in June. Do you feel like you’re looking for a good one?

I think it’s encouraging to see the ball speed up. At the beginning of the season, it was very frustrating why I didn’t get on the ball. That’s why I trained a lot. I looked back on what kind of pitcher I used to be. I think I’m finally unraveling the clues. And the hot summer has come. I also feel like my ball speed is coming up according to the weather. What I can say with confidence now is that I’m back as a fast-pitching pitcher like I used to be.

Q: If you look back on today’s game, how do you think you’ll remember it?

I think it will be memorable as a very special game. As a pitcher, it is really difficult to get such an opportunity. Until the eighth inning, he didn’t get a hit, didn’t give a walk, and didn’t give a score. Of course, taking the mound in the Korean Series is the most memorable game in my life. Today’s game will be the second most memorable game.

  • The defensive fielder’s concentration was also good.

I am proud that our defense is the best in the league. I always feel reassured watching our fielders defend with full strength. I just have faith that if I throw strikes consistently, the fielders can handle it all. I got my first hit in the ninth inning, but Moon Bo-kyung made a double play. Austin’s good batting and tagging the first base was also a great defense. Park Dong-won’s lead was amazing. I’m happy and honored to play baseball with these top players.

  • I’m sure the beasts were nervous, too. Who looked the most nervous?

Koo Bon-hyuk seemed the most nervous. After Koo Bon-hyuk, it was like Moon Bok-kyung.

Q: There have been a lot of tough moments this season. I think today’s game could be a rebound.

I think it will be a game that gave me confidence to return to the old self. While throwing the ball today, I felt, ‘Right, I threw this kind of ball before. I threw a ball this strong.’ I had a wonderful day today, but I will enjoy this feeling until today. And tomorrow, I will train hard again to continue my pitching today. From the moment I come to the ballpark, I will think it’s a new day and prepare hard for my next appearance.

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