It’s still June 139…The 22-year-old transfer infielder from Kiwoom always wants to do well, “I will contribute to the victory like the 13th.”

“I want to play a role that I can contribute to the victory as I do now.”

Kim Hui-jip left the Kiwoom Heroes and became a member of the NC Dinos. He came to NC through a trade on April 30. NC handed over the right to select Kim Hui-jip in the first and third rounds of the 2025 Rookie Draft. The team made an extraordinary decision to strengthen its infield. It means that Kim wanted Kim Hui-jip that much.밤알바

Kim Hui-jip was born at Shinil High School and wore the Heroes’ uniform as the ninth pick in the second round of 2021. He batted 0.222 74 with eight homers, 36 RBIs and 40 runs in 112 games in the 2022 season, and hit 0.249 92 with eight homers, 51 RBIs and 46 runs in 110 games in the 2023 season.

Before coming to NC this season, he was also playing as Kiwoom’s main infielder with a batting average of 0.230 40 hits, five homers, 25 RBIs, and 24 runs in 51 games.

At the 2023 Asia Baseball Championship (APBC) held after the end of last year’s season, he also garnered a home run to Kazuto Taguchi, who is ranking second in saves in the Central League of the Japanese pro baseball in the 2023 season. Kim’s strength is that he has experienced all of the key infield positions, including shortstop, second baseman and third baseman.

As soon as Kim arrived at NC Dinosaurs, he immediately started playing. He recorded one hit in four times at bat against the KIA Tigers in Changwon on May 30, and played one hit in two times at bat, one homer, one RBI, two runs and two walks against the Lotte Giants in Busan on May 31.

However, he has slowed down a bit since June. Except for the game against Lotte in Busan on June 2, he has been playing steadily, but only posted a batting average of 0.139 in June.

That doesn’t mean he’s not outstanding. He hit consecutive home runs against the KT Wiz in Changwon on June 11 and 12, and gave his team a winning series by scoring two RBIs as a sacrifice hit in the game on June 13. He is Kim Hui-jip, a transfer player who always strives to support his new team.

After the game on the 13th, Kim Hwi-jip said, “The seniors in front of me went out as runners, so a simple fly could become a sacrifice fly.”

“Hidong gave me the first point, so I was able to enter the batter’s box with a comfortable mind. I wanted to hit him actively because he was in the scoring position,” he said.

Kim Hwi-jip, who is determined to do his best to win NC as an NC man, said, “I especially liked that I was able to come out of the game. I want to play a role that can contribute to the victory like now, and I want to continue the flow of victory in a good mood.”

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