It’s crazy! Even if Gocheok is held… At least 6 million people are watching today. It’s not a dream of 10 million viewers

Even if the Gocheok LG Twins-Kium Heroes match is held due to rain across the country on the 4th, the last day of the first half, 6 million people can be achieved.룸알바

Unfortunately, the Korean team failed to reach the minimum of 6 million in the last five games on Sunday. Due to lack of rain across the country, all five games were held, with a total of 63,727 spectators visiting the venue to reach 5,993,122. The figure was just 6,878 people short of the 6 million.

If the number of players exceeds 6,878 on Friday, 6 million will be achieved. If the game is held only at Gocheok Sky Dome due to rain in Jamsil (Lotte-Doosan), Daegu (KIA-Samsung), Daejeon (KT-Hanwha) and Changwon (SSG-NC), where baseball games will be held on Friday, 6,878 players will likely be able to pass the match.

Since 11,185 people visited Gocheok on the 2nd and 11,135 people visited on the 3rd, it is expected that around 10,000 spectators will visit on the 4th.

No matter how many matches take place, the minimum number of matches in history will exceed 6 million, which is less than 419 in 2012. If one match is held, it will be 414 matches, and if all five matches are held, it will be 418 matches.

So far, 1 million to 5 million people have failed to break the 2012 record. This time, however, the number will reach 6 million faster than in 2012.

This means that the audience did not cool down even at this time of year, when the number of spectators is going from 5 million to 6 million this year compared to 2012.

In 2012, 87 matches were needed, ranging from 5 million to 6 million, but this year it will be achieved in a maximum of 69 to 73 matches, meaning that many spectators are still visiting the ballpark. The late monsoon season may have affected the move.

So far, 14,511 spectators are visiting the venue per game. If 720 games are added, it is possible to add up to 10,447,920 spectators. This situation could instantly open an era of 10 million spectators after skipping the previous 9 million.

In terms of audience, LG ranks first with 18,604, followed by KIA with 17,763 and Doosan with 17,408. Samsung ranks fourth with 16,462 while Lotte ranks fifth with 16,461. SSG ranks sixth with 15,068 followed by KT with 11,838 followed by Hanwha with 11,238, NC with 10,302 and Kiwoom with 10,181.

We don’t know which team will take the first place, and the fifth intensity is also open to Kiwoom, who is still in 10th place, so the ranking fight is expected to be fierce until the end of the season, so if the crowd continues, we may meet 10 million people of our dreams.

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