It’s a milestone that only 6 people made in Lotte…There is one more thing to be surprised by than that

Hwang Seong-bin (28), who established himself as Lotte’s No. 1 hitter this year, stole 30 bases even before the end of the first half. Hwang started as the first batter in the 2024 Shinhan SOL Bank KBO League match against Kiwoom at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul on the 23rd, and he came out as the leadoff hitter in the top of the third inning to hit a double in the middle. Then, Hwang, who stole second base during Yoon Dong-hee’s at-bat, marked his 30th stolen base of the season, and after Yoon’s infield single to shortstop settled at third base, he scored a point with Ko Seung-min’s sacrifice fly to the left field, giving his team a 2-1 lead. Lotte won the game early as Son Ho-young’s timely double added one run to the right-center field and ran away 3-1. The game ended with Lotte’s landslide 10-2 victory.밤알바

A Lotte player’s breakthrough of 30 steals in this season is not a common scene. Hwang remains the first Lotte player to have 30 steals in eight years since Son A-seop (42 steals) in 2016. He is the 15th Lotte player who played 30 steals in the season prior to Hwang was Jeon Joon-ho (33 steals in 1992, 75 steals in 1993, 69 steals in 1995), Hong Moon-jong (36 steals in 1984, 39 steals in 1986), Kim Eung-kook (34 steals in 2004, 32 steals in 2004, 34 steals in 2009, 65 steals in 2010, 32 steals in 2012, 32 steals in 2012, Cho Seong-hwan (31 steals in 2008), and Son A-seop (36 steals in 2013 and 42 steals in 2016).

Finally, Hwang took over the baton. Already this season, the KBO League has passed the halfway point, and Hwang is showing the pace to record 58 steals. Only Jeon Joon-ho and Kim Joo-chan played the 50th stealing season for Lotte.

Above all, Hwang is drawing all the more attention in that he has an astonishing steal success rate. He has attempted to steal 33 times and succeeded a whopping 30 times. The steal success rate stands at 91 percent. The number is higher than that of Doosan, which is currently the No. 1 stealer in the league, with 37 stolen bases. Cho has a 90% success rate in stealing, with 41 attempts to steal 37 times.

In fact, Hwang was far from a successful stealer until this season. He had a batting average of .294 with one homer, 16 RBIs and 10 stolen bases in 102 games in 2022, when he appeared like a comet, but failed to steal 12 bases, outnumbering his successful attempts. Last year, he slowed to .212 with a batting average of .212 in 74 games, and Hwang, who was satisfied with nine stolen bases, had five failed attempts.

Still, Hwang was recognized for his value in that he is one of the few players who can realize “football” in Lotte. Although he started as a backup outfielder this season, Lotte manager Kim Tae-hyung gave Hwang a green light and showed confidence in his “football.”

Regarding the increase in the success rate of stealing at the beginning of the season, Hwang Sung-bin said, “There have been many failures in stealing compared to the main focus I have so far. In the first and second years, I prepared a lot like Coach Kim Pyeong-ho, and this year, I feel like mine is made by combining what I learned with coaches Ko Young-min and Yoo Jae-shin,” revealing that the secret is to absorb the know-how of coaches who have experience on the professional stage and are good at running bases.

What’s more surprising about Hwang’s performance this season is that he is not just a fast-paced player. Hwang, who has seen his batting performance improve significantly this year, has yet to meet the stipulated batting average, but has been playing the role of Lotte’s offensive spearhead by posting a batting average of .354 this season. Now, it is hard to imagine a Lotte lineup without Hwang.

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