“It wasn’t like that before…” Even the oldest people are amazed by “MZ Performance.” This is the real All-Star Game

Feast of stars is filled with various performances. Players who participated in the Incheon SSG 2024 Shinhan SOL Bank KBO All-Star Game on Thursday provided various attractions to fans. All-star players competitively prepared performances, and fans who visited the stadium and those who watched the All-Star Game caught the attention of fans through broadcasting. The “MZ culture” seems to have settled down in the All-Star Game as well.스포츠토토

Even the oldest players in Korea were surprised by their performances. In the past, they did not try unique performances. Their performance was poor, as they only imitated a specific player’s batting posture or pitching form. First of all, senior players explained that they did not pay much attention to performance even among the players.

Choi Hyung-woo (KIA Tigers), who became the “highest MVP” at the age of 40 years, seven months, and four days as of Thursday, said, “Players have more things to prepare for the All-Star game. I keep trying to get ideas rolling. Other players are also more competitive because they are preparing for performances. This culture has emerged even among professional baseball players. This is a landscape that people could not have seen before. The performance ended quickly. These days, I also look forward to what kind of fun scenes will come out in the All-Star game,” admiring the changing scenery of the All-Star game.

Oh Seung-hwan (Samsung Lions), who became the oldest participant in the All-Star Game, feels the same way. Oh joined the All-Star Game at the age of 41 years, 11 months, and 21 days, breaking the record of Yang Joon-hyuk (aged 41, 1 month, 28 days in 2010). “Compared to the past, players and fans can now enjoy the game,” Oh, who participated in his 10th All-Star Game, said. “This is the All-Star Game that feels more like the All-Star Game. Players can participate in the game with more excitement.”

Even seniors were surprised by the performance. Hwang Sung-bin (Lotte Giants) dressed as a delivery rider and drove a scooter to the batter’s box. He even had a hit and displayed “tacky steps” on the first base. He sublimated his actions that instilled a hateful image, making everyone in the stadium laugh.

Kim Do-young (KIA Tigers) was also serious about her performance. The first batter of the game, Kim transformed into Sunjae, the main character of the hit drama “Bounce With Sunjae.” Kim Do-young appeared with an umbrella and hit a double after saying, “Will you live with me?” and displayed a banner ceremony with the phrase, “Do-young should live with fans sweating.”

After releasing the title “SSG’s New Face,” Park Ji-hwan (SSG Landers) performed “New Face,” a song by singer Psy, drawing attention. Even after the hit, Park performed a dance performance, entertaining the audience’s eyes.

Foreign hitters were also serious about their performances. Austin Dean (LG Twins), who hoped to become a pizza delivery man as a child, delivered pizza to Yang Eui-ji, the catcher of the opposing team, by bicycle. And he handed the pizza to Yang, who also took a bite, helping Austin to his performance. Ronnie Dawson (Kium Heroes) presented something to see at the “Mara Tanghulu” challenge.

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