It took 311 days to get a good start…Back, Baek Junghyun said, “I prepared to throw in the first team.”

Baek Jung-hyun, a left-hander of the Samsung Lions, started in the second game of the 2024 Shinhan SOL Bank KBO League against the Doosan Bears at Samsung Lions Park in Daegu on Sunday. He allowed seven hits (two homers) and two walks, struck out three and allowed three runs in five innings.

He has won his first victory of the season. He won the first game in 311 days since the match against the Daegu LG Twins on Aug. 17, 2023. Samsung swept the series with a 10-4 victory, completing its fifth consecutive win, and taking second place in the league.여우알바

On this day, Baek Jung-hyun played his return match for the injury. On April 4, he was out of the lineup due to a muscle injury in his right calf. The injury was not severe, so he expected to return quickly, but the gap gradually became longer. When he started running training, the pain recurred, and he stayed in place several times.

About two months after his injury, he started against the Hanwha Eagles in the Futures League in the second division on Wednesday. In his first actual game in a long time, he allowed two hits, one walk and one run, and 54 pitches. In the match against the KIA Tigers on Wednesday, he allowed eight hits, one walk, three strikeouts, five runs, and 86 pitches in four ⅓. The final inspection was completed.

He was registered in the primary team as a special entry for a doubleheader on Sunday. He played the second game. He pitched a total of 91 pitches (62 strikes). He threw a combination of four-seam fastballs (30), sliders (25), changeups (23), curves (11) and two-seam fastballs (two). His maximum speed was 142 km/h.

In the top of the first inning, Baek grounded out Jung Soo-bin to shortstop and got a hit to left by Lee Yoo-chan. Subsequently, Yang Eui-ji was fouled to first base and Kim Jae-hwan was out with a fly ball to center field.

He lost focus in the top of the second inning. He threw a fastball of 142 km/h to the first batter, Kang Seung-ho, and he was hit. It became a superior solo home run with a flying distance of 113 meters. Kim pitched a slider of 129 km/h for the second pitch. He gave up a solo home run with a flying distance of 118 meters. Samsung, which was leading 1-0, allowed the game to come from behind to win 1-2.

Baek Jung-hyun handled Park Joon-young and Kim Dae-han with fly balls to left field. Kim Jae-ho was given a walk, but Jung Soo-bin was listed as a catcher with a strike not out.

Baek Jung-hyun of the Samsung Lions pitches in a regular season game. Expos News DB

He also lost a point in the top of the third inning. Lee Yoo-chan and Yang Eui-ji had hits to the left field, Kim Jae-hwan’s fly to center field, and Kang Seung-ho’s automatic four pitches made the bases loaded with one out. Lee Yoo-chan scored on Kim Ki-yeon’s sacrifice fly to right field. Samsung fell behind 1-3. Baek finished the inning with Park Jun-young’s grounder to shortstop.

In the top of the fourth inning, Kim Dae-han grounded out to third and Kim Jae-ho hit a left-handed double. Jung Soo-bin grounded out to first and the third base with two outs. He cooked Lee Yoo-chan with a rookie strikeout. In the top of the fifth inning, Yang Eui-ji grounded out to shortstop and Kim Jae-hwan grounded out to first, before giving up a left-handed hit to Kang Seung-ho. He finished the pitching by striking out Kim Ki-yeon with a swing and miss.

While Baek held on, Samsung’s batters scored three points each in the bottom of the third and fourth innings to overturn the score to 7-3. Baek came off the mound meeting the requirement to win the game, and won the game as it was.

Samsung manager Park Jin-man praised, “Starting Baek Jung-hyun finished five innings well after returning from injury, which served as the foundation for the team’s victory.”

“Personally, it is the first time that I have played in the second game of a doubleheader,” Baek said. “I am the only starting pitcher who needs to prepare because the time and order of play are set. But this time, I kept watching the situation,” he said. “I was a starting pitcher, but I felt like I was going out as a bullpen pitcher. The preparation process was a little different.”

“I was in the Futures team, but I prepared a lot so that I could throw right away from the first team. Thanks to that, I didn’t feel too much pressure or strain in today’s game,” he said. “I hit a home run, but my opponent hit well. I don’t care about today’s result.”

Main catcher Kang Min-ho started the first game, and second catcher Lee Byung-hun was listed on the starting lineup in the second game. Baek nodded, saying, “I tried to pitch aggressively as usual. Originally, I talked with Lee a lot and communicated with him, so I was able to throw him comfortably.”

Finally, Baek Jung-hyun made his determination, saying, “We will prepare well to contribute to the team in the next game.”

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