"In This Minute I am Blissful" is a quote created by Redditor Aalewis in January of 2013, which ended up being extensively buffooned as a cringeworthy instance of arrogant teen atheist perspectives.


On January fourth, 2013, Redditor Aalewis sent an article to the/ r/atheism <1> subreddit, that included a quote concerning his individual experience of being an atheist:

"Simply to be clear, I"m not an expert "quote manufacturer". I"m simply an atheist young adult that substantially values his knowledge and also clinical reality over any kind of ridiculous fiction publication composed 3,500 years back. This being stated, I am open to any type of as well as all objection."In this minute, I am blissful. Not as a result of any type of fake god"s true blessing. Yet because, I am informed by my knowledge.""

Before being archived, the article obtained over 2,900 down ballots, 1,190 up ballots and also 900 remarks.


The very same day, Redditor balderslash sent a web link to Aalewis' message using/ r/cringe <2> subreddit, where it got greater than 3,300 up ballots and also 650 remarks prior to it was archived. Additionally on January fourth, 2013, a giant quote picture including Redditor Aalewis' quote purposefully misattributed to astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson (revealed listed below) was sent to the/ r/atheism <8> subreddit. Before being archived, the blog post collected upwards of 4,600 up ballots and also 600 remarks.


On January 27th, Aalewis' quote showed up on 4chan"s/ sci/ (Scientific research & Mathematics) board <7>, this time around, attributed to the academic physicist Richard Feynman. On March 18th, the "Blissful Atheist" Tumblr <4> blog site was produced, which highlights significant photos as well as picture macros buffooning atheist stereotypes, consisting of neckbeards and also fedora. On April 16th, Urban Thesaurus <6> individual zerk1337 sent an access for the "blissful," which referenced Aalewis" quote:


On June fourth, a Facebook <3> web page entitled "In This Minute I am Blissful" was introduced. On July 27th, Body Structure Online Forums <5> participant Skeptical_Hippo uploaded a string labelled "In this minute, I am blissful," including a computer animated GIF of a revolving fedora hat with the inscription "Blissful" (revealed listed below, left). On September second, Redditor lockjaw900 sent a blog post entitled "What I visualize a great deal of these cringelords checking out" to the/ r/cringepics <9> subreddit, which included a simulated cover for a ridiculing publication entitled "Bliss" (revealed listed below, right).