In 6 innings, KKKKKK’ Hwimungo Ryu Han-joon won a thrilling victory with no outs and no outs, and a perfect pitch that led to the second round of Cheongryonggi

Hwimungo right-hander Ryu Han-joon showed six scoreless innings, leading his team to advance to the second round of Cheongryonggi.메이저사이트

Hwimungo advanced to the second round by beating Bucheon High School 3-0 in the 79th Cheongryonggi National High School Baseball Championship and weekend league King Wangjung match held at Shinwol Baseball Stadium on the 3rd.

Ryu Han-joon started the day and threw 75 pitches against 19 batters in six innings, showing three hits, nine strikeouts, and no outs.

Ryu Han-joon struck out seven through the third inning, silencing Bucheon’s batters. After striking out Bucheon’s Hwang Jae-min with two outs in the second inning, Ryu struck out Choi BEOMGYU, Jang Jae-hyuk and Kim Tae-yoon in the third inning, recording four consecutive strikeouts.

Ryu Han-joon, who added one strikeout in the fourth inning to continue his perfect march with seven strikeouts, continued his concentration by finishing the crisis with a double play after giving up five consecutive hits.

Hwimungo scored the first run with Yeom Seung-won’s double in the top of the first inning with one out and runners on the second and third bases with one out, and Kim Woo-jin’s infield ground ball scored the second run and scored the third run with an RBI double that hit Kim Yong-hyun’s left fence.

Ryu Han-joon’s pitching, who became a winning pitcher with a perfect four innings and no outs in six innings, can be confirmed by video.

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