In 1999, Park Jung-tae was stopped by Hong Won-ki, and in 2024, Son Ho-young was stopped by Heroes

Son Ho-young was the third designated hitter in the match against Kiwoom Heroes in the “2024 Shinhan SOL Bank KBO League” held at Gocheok Sky Dome on the 21st. On the day, Son had no hit, one walk and one RBI in three times at bat. This ended Son’s streak of hits in consecutive games. Son tried to set a record by showing a play that didn’t spare himself, but was blocked by Kiwoom’s good defense.

At his first at bat in the first inning, Son was out after hitting a fly ball to right field. With one out and runners on first base, Son targeted a change-up with the first pitch of 133 kilometers thrown by opponent team starter Enmanuel de Heissus. The ball that floated high towards the right fence flew for a long time. However, right fielder Lee Yong-gyu quickly followed and caught the ball. Son was caught flying to right field.메이저사이트

At the second batter’s box, Son drew a walk. As the lead-off hitter in the fourth inning, he had a close game with Jesus. With the full count situation, Son successfully got on base by picking out a 147-km fastball that penetrated deep into his body for the ninth time.

Son also failed to record a hit in his third at-bat. With no outs and no runners in the sixth inning, Son hit Heissus’ 111 km curveball. However, the ball did not deviate from the infield and was eventually caught by a grounder to the shortstop.

Son Ho-young, who failed to record a hit in his previous at-bat, ended up being empty-handed in his fourth at-bat as well. He pitched the bat on the first and third bases with no outs in the eighth inning, when pitcher Kim Sung-min threw the fourth pitch, which was 136-km fastball. The ball slowly rolled to second baseman Kim Hye-seong. Kim quickly rushed in, caught the ball, and threw it to the first base. Son also entered the first base through headfirst sliding, but was out. He even checked the video, but the result was not reversed. Son felt desperate, but the original trial was maintained.

Son was given no more chance. Had Ko gotten on base with runners on the second and third bases with two outs in the ninth inning, Son could have been in the batter’s box. However, as left fielder Ronnie Dawson blew his body and caught Ko’s hit, Son, who was in the waiting room, had to go back to the dugout.

Heysus, Kim Hye-sung, Dawson and others blocked Son’s hit streak. In the past, manager Hong Won-ki also had a record in which Park Jung-tae, star player of the Lotte franchise, had consecutive hits when he was an active player. Starting with the Daejeon Hanwha Eagles on May 5, 1995, Park had 31 consecutive hits until the Doosan Bears game on June 9. Hong Won-ki, then a member of Doosan, played as a third baseman and snapped Park’s streak of 32 consecutive hits.

Coach Hong Won-ki paid tribute to Son Ho-young before the game, saying, “He is a player from another team, but Son Ho-young has experienced eating bread wet with tears. I am positive that such a player sets a milestone for the development of the KBO League. If he becomes a victim of the milestone, it will be a hot topic again, but it can be a dream and a goal for young players.”

Meanwhile, Lotte lost 2-5 to Kiwoom. Lotte fell into a quagmire at Gocheok for seven consecutive years. Due to the loss on the day, Lotte had 30 wins, two draws and 40 losses in its entire season. It also had three wins and seven losses in its matches against Kiwoom this season.

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