“I’m stronger” self-order… Hanwha’s magic that a wild beast turned into a “guardian god.”

The finishing touches are positions where you need to have excellent ball power and skills, but you also need to have a strong heart. Your body may be “arrogant,” but the intensity of emotional labor is nothing like that. If it collapses, the game will be over. The sight of all the players staring at your shoulders is quite a burden.밤알바

Perhaps Joo Hyun-sang (32) was not born to be a player of that kind. His baseball career has taken a tumultuous turn. After graduating from Cheongju High School and Dong-A University, he was drafted in the seventh round (64th overall) by Hanwha in 2015, but he was not a player who received the enormous spotlight when he joined the team. In 2015, he played in 103 games during his debut season, but his batting average remained at 0.210. He did not have any home runs. His defensive skills were not good enough. A year later, Hanwha considered that the position of ‘the outfielder Joo Hyun-sang’ was not appropriate for this team.

However, the option to switch to a pitcher came, and changing to a pitcher was a turning point in Joo’s baseball life. Joo, who returned to the first division as a pitcher in 2021 after being tempered in the second division, showed good performance with an ERA of 3.58 in 43 games in the same year, hinting at his potential. Joo, who played in 49 games in 2022, kept his team’s bullpen silent no matter what the situation was. And he established himself as a solid setup man last year.

Joo Hyun-sang pitched 59 ⅔ innings in 55 games last year and became an indispensable player in the Hanwha bullpen, with 2 wins, 2 losses, 12 holds, and a 1.96 ERA. And when the back door of the team was shaken early this season, Hanwha appointed Joo Hyun-sang as the closing pitcher, and has since locked the back door of the team with good results.

Joo pitched 38 innings in 33 games during the season, recording a remarkable 5-1 loss, 10 saves and two holds with an ERA of 1.66. Usually, no matter how good a setup man is, he often cannot throw his own ball due to the tension in his position when he finishes the game, but Joo is overcoming it. In a team that cannot afford the team’s performance, the “fire” of finishing is bound to be fatal. The pressure is that much, but Joo throws the ball in a positive attitude.

Joo said that he feels a fierce atmosphere battle between the batter and the pitcher when he takes the mound as the closer. However, he makes the most positive self-order. “I’m throwing it with the thought that I’m stronger,” Joo said with a smile. “I’ve been doing well since last year, so I think I’m stronger and I believe that I’m throwing it.” Whether that’s true or not, Joo was shaking off the tension by believing that.

Now a player who is receiving cheers from fans, Joo maintains Hanwha’s victory based on his strong pitching ability that he can handle multiple innings. Even after moving to the final position, Joo often took responsibility for more than three out counts. In the recent six games, Joo has had four out counts or more. In the first game of the doubleheader held in Gwangju on Sunday, he pitched one ⅔ of scoreless innings to secure his team’s victory and secured his fifth victory of the season.

An unknown close game continued until the end of the game, but the ball power of the main phenomenon was fierce as if it knew everything. Despite throwing quite a few innings, there is no feeling that the ball power has yet fallen. It may be evidence that the main phenomenon still believes that he is stronger.

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