I’m going to crack down hard on ‘defending the road’!Interference with baserunning, included in video reading


Recently, the act of blocking the bases of infielders in professional baseball, so-called “barrier defense,” has caused great controversy.유흥알바

KBO has decided to strictly regulate the barrier defense as “jumping the bases” while including it as a video reading target.


NC’s Kim Joo-won’s dizzying ‘road defense’ that caused Doosan’s Lee Yoo-chan’s finger injury on the 4th.

The umpires accidentally declared out instead of obstructing the base, and Lee Seung-yeop was furious.

Lotte’s Hwang Sung-bin’s 100% steal success rate was broken because of his defensive defense.

As the controversy intensified, KBO decided to strongly regulate the barrier defense from today.

If the defending fielder blocks the runner’s lead, we decided to proceed with the video review.

It is unusual to add a video reading target during the season.

[Lee Kyung-ho/KBO public relations team leader: “We decided to add a video replay play to provide a fun and exciting game to fans by preventing injuries to runners and making clear and fair decisions.”]

We also decided to make a more active decision to obstruct the running base.

Previously, if the referee judged that there was still room to touch the base, he declared out, but decided to apply it more strictly.

[Oh Seok-hwan/ KBO Referee: “For example, Hwang Sung-bin had some space to go in. The defender blocked a third of the point with his leg. If that didn’t make it, he would declare safe.”]

Baseball fans also welcome the barrier defense regulations, while there are many voices calling for ambiguous check swings to be included in the video review.

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