“I’m glad I have you”. I want to be proud of my fans

This season, Hwang Seong-bin (27) gave a boost to the Lotte Giants, who remained at the bottom of the standings due to his gritty play and strong desire to win. With his distinctive personality, baseball fans nicknamed him “Ma Hwang Seong-bin.”룸알바

Hwang showed off his unique charm last week as well. He recorded a batting average of 0.429 (12 hits in 28 times at bat) and three steals in the six games he played. He produced the most hits and steals among hitters in the league during this period. Choa Pharmaceutical and this magazine selected Hwang as the MVP of the third week of June. After receiving the “2022 Choa Pharmaceutical Professional Baseball Awards,” he became acquainted with the award again. “I will win more MVP awards with better performance,” Hwang said.

Hwang, who showed his presence by recording a batting average of 0.294 in 102 games in the 2022 season, only posted a batting average of 0.212 last season due to injury and sluggishness. He remained mostly in the bench in the early part of this season.

Hwang, who silently sharpened his sword, did not miss the opportunity that he had come to face. On April 18, when Lotte was on the verge of nine consecutive losses, he led his team to a win over the LG Twins in Jamsil, Seoul, by multi-hits and bold runners, paving the way for a rebound.

Since then, Hwang started steadily and recovered his position as a starting outfielder by showing improved batting performance. There were also many scenes where he changed the course of the game by making runners catch him off guard. As of Tuesday, he had a batting average of 0.363, 30 steals and 51 points.

“Up until last year, I was ahead of myself in thinking, ‘Let’s get the ball right and make an infield hit.’ Now I am focusing on making strong balls,” Hwang said about his improved batting ability. “After the introduction of the Automatic Pitcher Judgment (ABS), I focused on contact with him, which was also effective. Unlike last year when I hit at the center of the batter’s box, I am hitting right in the front (home plate). Until now, the bat has been continuously thrown to the outside (based on left-handed hitters), but I am not releasing the bat as much as possible if the ball is seen far away. It is all thanks to the help of hitting coaches Kim Joo-chan and Lim Hoon.”

With increasing numbers of players getting on base, Hwang also displayed his strong point of speed to his heart’s content. For the first time in eight years since Son A-seop (currently the NC Dinos) in 2016, he has stolen base 30 times as a member of Lotte Giants. He remained at the second place in stolen bases in the league until Tuesday.

Hwang said, “There are many players other than me who can hit and homeruns. However, I think my strength is to break the opponent’s defense and go one more base. I am so confident in stealing bases. That is why I give meaning to 30 steals (the first single season since my debut). Success rate is more important than the number of steals.”
After the match against KT Wiz in Busan on April 21, Hwang shed tears while watching fans singing his cheering songs during an interview with Soo-hoon. He always gives thanks for the fans’ support.

Hwang has been a strong contender for the Lotte Giants, including Park Jung-tae (retired) and Son A-seop. “I don’t necessarily use someone as my role model. I just want to make Lotte fans think that Hwang is on our team and that it is fortunate that he is on our team.” If he wants to be more greedy, I want other team fans to feel that he is our player.”

Early in the season, Hwang caused controversy over his manners by making a loud skip move in which only his upper body moved toward the second base when he got on base. He was misunderstood as provoking the opponent. As the first half is nearing the end, Hwang’s attitude to play something that could help his team is being expressed as his charm. As he wishes, he is being reborn as a player he wants to have.

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