“If you win, you are a professional. If you lose, you will only practice.” MOON’s super-strong message… Hanwha announces a shaky hell drill

“A professional has to win. You can’t learn by losing. You’re going to have to train a lot.”

Hanwha Eagles coach Kim Kyung-moon sent a strong message to the team. After this season, Hanwha players will likely have to prepare for hell training.업소알바

A month has passed since Kim took office. The first half of the season has also ended. In the meantime, it was time for Kim to hurriedly take the helm of the Hanwha Eagles and figure out the atmosphere of the team.

Kim made the decision to replace the head coach and pitching coach in order to engage in full-fledged competition from the second half of the year. Now, it is time to properly reveal Kim’s color.

It is not an easy challenge. Coach Kim came, but his performance did not change significantly. Fortunately, he escaped from three consecutive losses by winning the KT Wiz match on Wednesday, and achieved a successful completion in the first half of the season, and his gap with top five teams is not that big, but anyway, it is humiliating for him to fight for the bottom place in the professional league.

“Successive wins are important. Once you win consecutive games, you can have a good fight in the second half of the year,” Kim said. “You have to win professional baseball. You can never keep losing to fans. If you lose, you will have to make up for what you lack. You have to train yourself to make up for what you lack. There is nothing you can learn when you lose a game. When you lose, you will be able to control your ball control, and hitters will not be able to run well. I think you need to train a lot (after this season).”

Since the days of the Doosan Bears and the NC Dinos, Kim has been a leader boasting tremendous amount of training. In particular, his schedule in the spring camp was quite tight. These days, almost all clubs have three days of training and one day of rest, which was truly remarkable when looking at the schedules of the 2014 spring camp, when Kim was the NC manager. The first and second training sessions were held for a total of 49 nights and 50 days, with four days of rest. And the training continued from morning to night.

Recently, baseball is changing to the concept of quality rather than quantity in training, but many people still believe that time and effort make the result. It is not easy to say which is the correct answer, but if the coach in charge of the field sets the direction like that, the players must follow. There is no time to lay the foundation as much as in the final training and spring camp. Coach Kim is a style that puts more emphasis on basics than anyone else. If the players had not been lacking, the “master” who has been throughout his career would not have talked about the amount of training first.

For now, Hanwha players will take only one day off on May 5, will train in Daejeon on May 6 and 7, and will move to Seoul on May 8 to prepare for the first three consecutive games against the Kiwoom Heroes in the second half of the year. They chose training instead of taking an All-Star break. “I wanted to train for all three days,” Kim said.

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